Marjorie Magazine is a growing new publication celebrating the best of the vintage lifestyle for the modern world. We take a few steps back to appreciate the obsolete as breathtaking, and to connect with others fascinated with nostalgia. Telling stories of the past get us excited for the future– for what’s in store. Past and Future are the perfect foils in which the past is there to remind us always that great things await on the horizon. We may feel that we’re born in the wrong decade, naturally, but coming together through one publication, readers might just feel like time’s never moved at all.

This is Marjorie– she is every one of our readers and with this publication we hope to unite them all.

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A writer in San Francisco with a BA in Creative Writing, I’ve always been a fan of nostalgia and vintage fashion as my personal inspiration. Things of the past remind me of stories I read as a child like Anne of Green Gables and movies like Gone with the Wind. I was watching period dramas by 6th grade and finding that I had a huge crush on Jimmy Stewart. I’ve always been restless in my creative endeavors, freelancing for various publications and even writing about my adventures living in the big city at A Week by the Bay , but I currently work downtown for a leading Ecommerce startup in the day, finding that I’m entirely overwhelmed in talk and culture of tech and all things new– the newest app, the latest trends, and predictions on predictions of where all this technology will take us.

That is why I created Marjorie, to meet other like-minded lovers of the bygone and all its beauty, to stand still and just take in the fleeting little things that paved the way for all we know now. Let this publication show you how to celebrate the best of modern vintage lifestyles.

-Paris Kim, Founder and Editor in Chief of Marjorie