The Classic Scents of Wintertime

Story & Photos By Jodi Truglio

One of our most powerful senses is smell, it has the power to trigger memories that transport us to another time,  whether it is the unforgettable scent of gingerbread cookies your grandmother would make every Christmas Eve or the sweet fragrance of the first flower your Valentine gave you that you now keep pressed in-between your favorite classic novel. The scent you wear tells a story of who you are, it can be anything from sweet with a slight hint of spice or a soft delicate floral. For the wearer, it can make you feel sultry or romantic, and for the person who catches a slight smell of your perfume has the power to create a memory like a photograph. 

Eau de Parfum Florence 

Florence By Tocca is a timeless soft floral gardenia fragrance, with hints of bergamot and pear that transport you to late spring walking in a garden full of flowers. 

Eau de Parfum Giulietta

It’s hard not to feel cute wearing Giulietta by Tocca! This romantic floral has notes of pink tulips and vanilla orchid. It is soft with a hint of crisp apple that is reminiscent of apple picking on a fall day.

Tocca’s fragrances are timeless and long-lasting, we can’t help but love their vintage-inspired bottles that would be a lovely addition to any vanity! And if you’re unsure of what fragrance to purchase or are sensitive to certain smells, Tocca has several fragrance sets to choose from that make great gifts, like the Wonders Collection featured above.

Organic Bourbon Vanilla

Organic Bourbon Vanilla By Eco Bella is an intoxicating organic blend of vanilla, cocoa, rose, and jasmine. This exotic blend is definitely a fragrance that is unforgettable!

Organic Lavender

Reminiscent Provence, France in August, Organic Lavender By Eco Bella is a romantic blend of organic French lavender with just a touch of Moroccan rosemary and Egyptian geranium, which perfectly balances the fragrance so that the lavender is not overpowering.

Eco Bella is a pioneer in clean, cruelty-free beauty, and both their perfume and skincare line AVEGAN are made from the highest quality ingredients– perfect for people who care where their ingredients come from and who also might have skin sensitivities. 

Outremer Eau De Toilette: Vanille 

Vanilla By Outremer is a soft powdery fragrance with a delicate blend of spiced vanilla.  It is welcoming and light enough for those days where you want to get lost wandering the isles of your favorite book store, or relaxing with a latte at your local coffee shop.

Robert Piguet Paris-France 

Petit Fracas By Paris-France is a whimsical feminine floral with notes of pear, fresh citrus white flowers, and vintage tuberose. This memorable fragrance is perfect for a bride to wear on her wedding day!

Not sure if you are ready to commit to this fragrance? We highly recommend trying the New Discovery Set, which features some of the company’s most popular perfumes. 

Winter may be cold and a long, but a few delightful scents like those above are just the right touches to keeping us warm and feeling romantic the whole season through. Tell us which scent speaks to your soul this winter in the comments below!

Jodi Truglio is a native New Yorker who currently lives in Las Vegas. She holds a degree in Print Journalism. Jodi started her career as a music journalist, but quickly realized her words had the power to reach people and loves telling a good story, as result she focused her career on sustainable fashion/ethical sourcing. She has published articles in various magazines and websites. In her spare time, Jodi enjoys reading and watching old movies, exploring antique shops and posting articles on her website Global Looking Glass. Find her on Instagram @globallookingglass.

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