Twenty-Twenty-Twee: Our Updated Take on the Remerging Adorkable Trend

Twee is back– although here among us vintage-lovers, did it ever really go away?

Twee style– synonymous with printed mini dresses, Peter Pan collars, tights, ukuleles, and Zooey Deschanel– embodies a modern and more quirky ’60s mod style that feels charmingly feminine. And from its heyday in the early 2010s to various style inspo. now shared across TikTok, it’s taking over social media again with Gen Z showcasing their many OOTDs and Millennials putting together collages paying homage to their early-twenties aesthetic.

The look was fueled by Tumblr and became a cultural movement with followers looking to images of Alexa Chung, vintage cameras, Wes Anderson flicks, and layered looks that felt anti-mainstream to the more modern looks of the aughts. This “indie sleeze” approach was a call to action for girls who weren’t necessarily concerned on following trends, opting to cut out their own cloth from polka dot fabric and skipping to the beat of their own She & Him vinyl that most likely was the choice soundtrack for their lives (at least in their headphones).

TikTok continues to shake trend forecasting like never before, even ahead of traditional fashion shows and magazines hitting the newsstands. Today’s world is more inclusive, varied, and viral– the faster and more communal that TikTok has become makes not only trends to turn around faster than previous decades, but it also is beginning to acknowledge the toxicity that plagued early aesthetics, especially the fatphobia surrounding Twee. With the world so changed in the last 10 years, we’re hopeful that Twee revival is more mindful to all devotees of mushroom prints and berets and cute dresses that everyone rightfully should feel their best in.

While Twee lasts in the mainstream, it’s fun to peruse our favorite stores for a quick outfit inspo that feels timeless with a fresh adorable feel to it! So if Marjorie Magazine were to embody twee our way:

it would look is very much the same gal from 10 years ago, a bit more streamlined, with muted yet warm colors and textures! There’s still the

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