Reliving the Paint by Numbers Phenomenon with FourPoint Puzzles’ Retro Collection

By Marjorie Magazine

Images Courtesy of Four Point Puzzles

Seeking new ways to keep ourselves entertained with our loved ones during the colder and darker days of fall and winter, we’ve looked back on simple pastimes that while entertaining, are also enriching. When you’re overwhelmed with another show to binge or need to step away from holiday shopping, consider the Paint by Numbers collection from Four Point Puzzles, showcasing beautiful scenic art with a history just as exciting as it is to put each one together.

From five different puzzles, you can try your hand at recreating idyllic nature as brought to life one piece at a time. Each art is taken from a true Paint by Numbers set of the 1950s, the concept which was a cultural disruption for the art world in that anyone could learn to paint a beautiful work without an artistic background!

With kits that included mini pots of paint, brushes, and a canvas already designated with printed numbers coordinating with each paint color, the pastime became a choice way to tap into your creative side. The first set was created by commercial artist Dan Robbins, who was looking into a more unique way to sell art, and drew inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci who used a similar method to teach apprentices. Painting kits were an instant sensation, making art and the experience of it more approachable and leisure more varied in post-war America, resulting in impressive landscapes & portraits that painters could proudly display in their homes. Even Eisenhower’s White House had a gallery in the West Room showcasing Paint by Number masterpieces from government officials.

Paint by Number art is brought to life again with Four Point Puzzles, curated to feature an array of classic but breathtaking nature subjects from mountains to the tropics. With their focus on attainable art through unique contemporary pieces, we couldn’t be more excited to grab a collection for ourselves to share with our families in cozy times, to enjoy the experience of creating beautiful masterpieces together, no matter your skill level.

Shop the Paint by Numbers collection from Four Point Puzzles here

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