Bow of the Ball

By Marjorie Magazine

This article originally appeared in the 2021 Print Issue of Marjorie Magazine. Order the issue now in digital or print here

There’s no mistaking bows as the definitive dainty piece that completes any young woman’s look. And for Sarah Stillwell, owner of Grace & Grandeur Shop, perfecting beautiful bows for everyday elegance began as an opportunity arising from 2020 and the pandemic. “I’ve dreamt of starting a bow business for a few years actually, and in 2020 it finally came together,” she tells us. “I learned a lot about small retail, boutique brands and overall style through my previous career and bows are something I’ve always adored. With more free time on my hands last year thanks to social distancing, I had the opportunity to explore this craft as a real business idea and just dove head first. “

The many designs and colors that now adorn her Etsy shop are a testament to the timeless element and femininity of bows. No matter your taste, a bow just always seems to fit effortlessly; as Sarah notes in terms of modern muses, they run the gamut from Sia to Kate Middleton. Naturally Sarah’s allure designing these style staples comes from her own love of heritage and heirlooms, fascinated by the collections in her own family which hold unique designs and their own stories that are just as intriguing. When it came to designing the different sizes and styles of her inventory, she realized that these same women of her family were the way to help her organize and differentiate between each one.

“It was like a light bulb went off in my head, that it’s the perfect framework for the brand I was developing. Each bow is named after a woman among my family tree.” From Judy to Arlean, it’s as if each bow is ready to spin a tale of their own.

And so as we look towards the warmer seasons ahead, we can only imagine the sunny looks and new trends that, no matter what they may be, we’ll be sure to adorn with a Grace & Grandeur bow!

Shop the Arlean and Judy bows featured here and more at Sarah’s shop
Follow her Instagram @grace.and.grandeur for classic inspiration for your next updo!

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