Marvelous! The Only Way to Describe the Mrs. Maisel-Inspired Spring Line from Charlie Stone Shoes

Photos via Charlie Stone Shoes

Step back into the world of 1958 with the latest and loveliest line from Charlie Stone Shoes yet! The retro reproduction brand that champions vintage styles in full comfort with their unique flats and heels just released an incredibly stunning 3 pairs in delicious colors that evoke cheery summers in Miami or the Catskills, as if literally stepping into Midge Maisel’s shoes.

As the world continues to revel in the inspiring story of one woman’s journey to stardom as a comedian, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a show that has become a fashionable darling in its own right, and the vintage community has without a doubt taken notice. Enter Charlie Stone Shoes, and with the help and styling of Katie Licata ‘s colorful vision, we get a glimpse into the adventures that await the wearer once they slip into a pair! In 3 unique designs, the Rose, Midge, and Susie wear their personalities on their tip-toes, from pink tweed to pristine white sandals and baby blue leather in styles that closely line up with the fashions of the late 1950s. On your own way to stardom, these just might be the finishing touches to your moment under the spotlight, or even just around town!

Have a look at each shoe below, and start shopping for your spring wardrobe today with a touch of whimsy like Midge!

The Susie, $120

The Rose, $125

The Midge, $125

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