Valentine’s Day is 60s Girl Group Season

By Marjorie Magazine

For us sentimental vintage gals, Valentine’s Day couldn’t be the more perfect season to dust off all those records from the shelves and get groovin’ to the love ballads of the gals who sang about love best: Ronnie, Diana, Lesley, and many other fabulous ladies of the girl groups from early pop and rock n’ roll.

There’s just something about a sweet innocence to these incredibly talented groups of the early 1960s, gals that beautifully sang harmoniously over being lovesick or about the thrill of falling in love and having won over the boy that’s the talk of the dance. From another time we romanticize over these simple tunes that aren’t messy or wallow in detail on the pangs of being in love, not to mention their incredibly catchy beats that anyone can get toe-tapping and snapping their fingers along to. With these melodies that we can relate and croon along to, we picked our favorite for a new Valentine’s Playlist that’s now available on Spotify! From The Crystals and Ronettes to Mary Wells and of course, the Supremes, these songs are just what you need to get yourself in that romantic retro mood that always seems so perfect for a time that celebrates love. If young love were music, it would certainly be the Marjorie Valentine Gals!

Listen to the playlist here for your Valentine’s Day and let us know your favorite song or girl group below in the comments!

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