Styling for the 20’s: Easy Updo Tutorials with Alice Negri

By Marjorie Magazine, originally published in Roaring Twenties: an Encore (2020)

Alice Negri began her beautiful career as an illustrator not quite sure of what an illustrator was. But her fascination with tattoo artists and growing love for artists like Frida Khalo and Tamara de Lempicka pulled her down into a world in which she would come into her own. Through her Instagram @marlavonduta, Alice has mastered artwork of all ranges from pastel scenes of wizards to vintage maidens within beautiful settings and donning intricate hairstyles. When it comes to the more whimsical style of her work, she tells us, “Mary Blair’s work plays a huge role in my formation for shapes and colors, as well as the work of another Disney artist Eyvind Earle, with his amazing backgrounds.” Her range of inspiration keeps her work ever so interesting and inspired, as she’s found studying art even beyond illustration like architecture and design can be rewarding in developing her craft, especially her line of projects that range from commissioned portraits to tutorials of her favorite vintage hairstyles.

“It’s beautiful working on different stuff because you never get bored,” she explains, “and you can switch to projects if you are a little bit stuck or tired!”

For Marjorie, Alice was gracious in showcasing a few of her favorite hair tutorials for quick looks inspired by the Roaring Twenties. Tutorials are exclusive to her brand; it’s all about her love for the hair. “I’ve been always fascinated by intricate hairstyles, up-dos, rolls, braids and accessories!” Alice exclaims, “I also enjoy the research and the uniqueness. I have tons of archives with old pictures to take inspiration from!” And even from the pages, she often finds herself combining these looks into her everyday life and style, too.
As we find ourselves in the Twenties a century later, Alice can’t wait for a resurgence of art deco to reflect in architecture and fashion. For her, the hairstyles of that era– finger waves, short bobs, the Eton Crop (her particular favorite)– are very reflective of that moment in time. “You can really see that feeling of change, of something new!”

She invites you to try these looks for yourself for the decade ahead to ring in this exciting change and new horizon! Be sure to look out for more tutorials in her upcoming book filled with 30 vintage hairstyles, as well as children’s books illustrated by Alice as she excitedly tells us about being recently signed with the Beehive Illustration agency. We wish her luck in these wonderful new endeavors, and thanks to Alice, we can’t wait to see how our readers will rock these breezy but beautiful hairstyles for today’s world.

Follow Alice Negri on Instagram @marlavonduta and see more of her works at her Etsy Store

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