Skincare From Bésame??

A Review by Sabrina Cardoso, Style Editor

Most of our readers know our love of Bésame Cosmetics. The brand that began with a few lipstick shades in 2004 has exploded into an amazing company that offer so much to the vintage loving gal.

From iconic lip colors to cake mascara, cream rouges to grand Disney releases, Bésame always delivers a luxury product with beautiful vintage packaging. You can purchase an item and use it to decorate your vanity, and never even use the product inside!

Recently Bésame launched a new skincare line. The line has four products to be used as a complete skincare regime or they can be added to you current process. There are four products; Cold Cream, Vanishing Cream, Day Cream and Night Cream. The goal of these products was stated on the Bésame Blog as follows:

“Reviving classic products that have nearly been lost to time, Gabriela’s taken all the secrets of skincare history and brought them to life in modern, clean formulas. Each product is designed to have clean ingredients that work — and nothing else! There’s no fillers or false promises, just simple items to give you lovely skin.”

You can order samples of each product form the website at $4 each and can last you four days. I ordered a set to sample and review the product and the received a second set when I placed an order so I was able to use the product for 8 days.

Skincare samples alongside Bésame lipsticks and new Nail Polish

The products are very nice and the packaging is beautiful. The Cold Cream was soothing and hydrating and removed all of my makeup. My current cleaning balm leaves my skin feeling tight and this one did not. I also really enjoyed the Vanishing Cream. For those not in the know, vanishing cream is what was used as a makeup primer back in the day (Unlike in Tom and Jerry cartoons, vanishing cream does not make you disappear). As I have gotten older, my skin has gotten drier and makeup, especially powder, can really settle and texturize my skin. What I really liked about this product is that when a drop of foundation is added, you get a tinted moisturizer.

Via Bésame Cosmetics

Both the Day Cream and Night Cream are very nice products, but I personally like a light fragrance to my products, which these do not have– the Day Cream in particular has a very light smell of something earthy.
As for the Night Cream, it was my least favorite. It did not absorb into my skin quickly and I had a sticky face for a few minutes. The next morning, my skin felt wonderful but I didn’t find enough difference between this product and the one I am currently using.

Via Bésame Cosmetics

The price tag on these items can be a bit shocking at first, with the Night Cream being the most expensive at $83 but it is comparable to other boutique brand and you do get a full 3.5 ounces. The Day Cream is $64, the Vanishing Cream $58 and the Cold Cream comes in the cheapest at $36.

I will be adding the Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream to my routine, but will pass on the others. All four Bésame products have received rave reviews and if you are interested, I encourage you to order the samples and draw your own conclusions. After this year, we could all use some pampering!

Shop the new Besame Skincare Line now on

California native Sabrina Cardoso has dressed for almost every century with her wide knowledge of historical fashions and participations in period reenactments (you can find her starring as Mary Fleming, cousin of the Queen and head lady-in-waiting across many local Scottish Guild events). She also runs Timeless Elegance, an insightful Facebook Page featuring historical archives on beauty and fashion.

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