Have Yourself Merry Little (Mess-Free) Mason Jar Snow Globes!

With a holiday season like the present, we couldn’t agree more that there is truly no place like home! Whether you find yourself close with family or loved ones or afar but in spirit together, crafts can capture that cherished homespun comfort that’s the best gift of all this December, namely one with a good old-fashioned mason jar to create delicate snow globe scenes! Escape into a world entirely of your own with a few goodies you can get at the hardware store or even if you have some tissue and empty jars lying around– and the most delightful part of all is how mess-free this project will be!

First, you’ll need to twist off the top of the mason jar lid. The ring around the lid will be loose; it’s normal! Put the glass jar and lid aside.

Next, plugin the loaded hot glue gun to heat up– should take 5 to 10 minutes. Once the gun is ready, apply hot glue to the mini tree’s bottom and adhere to the mason jar lid’s underside. If you’d like more trees, simply repeat!

Now take tissues and scrunch up to wrap around the trees; we recommend starting out with a small piece and then adding more to build on the snow pack! Then take the glass jar and secure it onto the lid upside down by twisting, ensuring everything, including tissue, is inside the jar.

Lastly, you can adorn the outside of the globe with paper tape around the lid. Then tie off with some twine or ribbon into a bow. Place around the home for instant classic and cozy homemade nostalgia!

As an optional addition, you can add glitter inside the mason jar for full snow flurry magic! It’ll be a bit messy, granted that glitter is a notorious clinger to everything, but there’s just something about the extra sparkle and glistening within this little world you’ve created.

We hope this small project can be enjoyed by you with your loved ones for some simple yet magical memories to make together this year with a beautiful globe to enjoy for the years to come! Share your globes with us on Instagram by tagging @marjoriemagazine in your photos!

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