Oh La La! Swipe on these Avon Throwback Lipsticks Now

By Marjorie Magazine, Photos via Avon

We were thrilled to discover that Avon Cosmetics released their Oh La La lipstick line this year, a stunning ode to vintage tubes of the brand’s 134-year-old glamorous past! In shades like plum Cabaret and nude Chic or the classic red of Cancan, these colors are every bit of excitement as their containers.

If you’re finding it hard to choose between just one, there’s also their darling mini set of Iconic Lip Colors for $36! It’s packaging that, down to its box, feels like it’s fresh from 1959 and ready for wear in 2020. As every vintage-loving gal can attest, there’s nothing more radiant than classic shades that Avon has perfectly picked for this collection.

If now seems like the perfect time to swipe your signature color for another, or if you’re eyeing just one new lovely trinket to adorn your vanity, Avon’s Oh La La and Iconic lipsticks are the indulgences you need, or perhaps to gift for the upcoming holiday season!

Shop Oh La La lipstick, $17 each

Find the Iconic Mini Lipstick Set, $36 for 3

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