The Satin Dollz Deliver a Delightful Revolution of a Debut Album

By Darlene Alvarez, Features Editor

Album Cover by B House Photography

The Satin Dollz have just released their long awaited debut album, Pinup Revolution. After years of touring and performing, the international darlings have compiled an album celebrating the Big Band legends of the past. Being the first person outside of the Dollz to have the pleasure of listening to the album before its release, all I could really think was wowza!

This album definitely helps fill a void for all of us missing live events. I was immediately transported to a time of years gone by. The mashups were so incredibly done, with fun little twists and surprises. As I was driving through my small town with Pinup Revolution as my soundtrack, I felt like I was suddenly in a beautiful 1940s film. “Boogie Jump” had me dancing and singing in my seat. Having seen the videos for “Sing Sing Swing” & “That Man” on Youtube, I could envision the lovely ladies behind these perfect harmonies. My personal favorite on the album is “Hit Me With A Hot Note”– Not only has it been on repeat on my phone, but I even had my sweetie give me a perfect slow dance to it in our living room!

Pinup Revolution is a must have for any vintage music enthusiast. And for all of us looking for a bright note in 2020. Pinup Revolution is available now for purchase on CD at It will also be available on digital streaming platforms November 11th.

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