Halloween Classics to Watch Now

By Darlene Alvarez, Features Editor

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With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all looking for new ways to celebrate. For this quarantine-oween why not curl up with your favorite treat and one of these classic frights!

House of Wax (1953)

Set in an early 1900s NYC,a devastating fire destroys one mans beloved museum,the disfigured artist(played by Vincent Price) sets off to rebuild what he lost by committing murder and using thier wax covered bodies as historical props.

Fun fact: this was the first american color 3-D film.

Psycho (1960)

While on the run to California, Marion Crane decides to pull off the highway to avoid the police. Overcome by exhaustion and a sudden rainstorm, she decides to pull into the Bates Motel for the night.The rundown inn is run by the awkward but seemingly harmless Norman Bates,and his sick old mother. This is one motel that gives new meaning to the term “turn down service”. In what’s considered Hitchcock’s best film, this classic psychological thriller is filled with iconic scenes and screams.

The Haunting(1963)

Dr. Markaway and his selected guest set off to spend the weekend investigating the infamous Hill House. The manor has a notorious background for paranormal activity.

It doesn’t take long for the selected guest to start experiencing unexplainable events and sounds. While everyone is itching to get out, Elenor develops a love for Hill House. She believes it’s alive and where she finally belongs. Is it all in her mind due to loneliness or does she truly belong among the spirits?

House on Haunted Hill(1959)

$10,000 for spending one full night in a haunted house sounds like easy money. But for these five selected party guests , they will have to survive a night of terror and shocks in this house party thrown by an eccentric millionaire(played by the brilliant Vincent Price).

The Lodger(1944)

In 1889, London is being terrorized by the notorious Jack the Ripper. While the whole city is on edge, a retired couple decide to rent one of their spare rooms to a quiet and mysterious tenant. The couple’s niece, Kitty, who also lives in the home,starts to develop a fondness for the man.And it isn’t long before he sets his sights on the beautiful cabaret singer himself. But as the crimes continue, she grows suspicious of the lodger and starts to work with Scotland yard to help capture the man.


Things start to change for Miriam when her half brother Warren brings home Emily to care for their aging guardian. With Warren about to turn 21 and inherit his family’s fortune,Miriam starts to think that Emily is not who she appears to be. With a local justice of the peace murdered and her shop destroyed, can Miriam convince her brother of Emily’s true nature? You will have to watch and find out in this William Castle cult classic.

Fun fact: With some amazing plot twists,William Castle set up a fright break during the movie where patrons could decide to leave and get a refund or brave out the ending of the film.

Tell us which film above is one you’re dying to watch for your quarantine-oween!

Darlene Alvarez is a Los Angeles-based writer who describes herself as a darkling living in Green Gables. Her eclectic love for classic films and recreating vintage fashions makes her the perfect visionary for the Marjorie team as our Features Editor.

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