Bite into these Cinnamon Pralines for Autumn

By Marjorie Magazine

This southern classic may not come to mind when one thinks of sweets for the season, but nothing’s immune from the charms of autumn when you add in the magic of cinnamon!

The kitchens of New Orleans will mix with the crispness of New England in the fall for a unique and comforting delight that are these creamy pralines. Tried and true throughout the summer, we couldn’t get enough of them, and so with a simple dash of cinnamon, it’s just as good for autumn as any cider donut or pumpkin spiced beverage.

Over medium heat combine butter, sugar, brown sugar, heavy cream, and cinnamon into a saucepan.

As the mixture starts boiling, add in the pralines. Leave mixture until it reaches between 234 and 240 degrees F (112 to 116 degrees C), known as the “soft boil” stage of candy that makes it chewy. While a candy thermometer is best to know when the candy is hot enough, you can also take a wooden spoon and stir the slowed boiling mixture and see if it any sticks to the pan. If the mixture moves with the spoon (almost like a solid), then it is ready!

Turn off stove and let candy mixture cool for 5-10 minutes. Take the wooden spoon and gently mix around the candy as it takes on a thicker, peanut-butter likeness.

On a pan lined with baking parchment or wax paper, use a tablespoon to start scooping the candy out and into little mounds onto the pan. The wooden spoon also helps to remove the candy from the tablespoon, as well as help shape/mold the candy into individual pieces.

Let cool at room temperature. Serve and savor the sweet joys they bring with your next afternoon tea or coffee!

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