The Quiet Comeback of the House Dress

By Marjorie Magazine

Most of us have been staying home, and trying to stay fabulous- and all while staying comfy, too! Disastrous doesn’t have to align with “drab,” and so to dress stylishly for a year like 2020, there’s nothing more fitting than the long-awaited revival of the house dress and its casual yet manicured effect.

When so many of us began #StayingHome it made us devastated to think there could no longer be a place, a reason, to get dolled up and dress our best. But, now we’re thinking again, and reshaping what it means to “dress up” for a day that has been more or less of the same type of routine– indoors, away from the public’s eye. And isn’t that the beauty of style– to be admired and praised for all the pretty things that happen to sit in your wardrobe?

Vintage Gingham Dresses, Coming Soon to Vintage Katherine’s Boutique

With an uptick of virtual meetings and the dissatisfaction of feeling like you never left the bed, baggy and loose sweats and old gym T-shirts are making way for the comeback for the house dress. A callback to the days of dim domesticity for women during Victorian times and the 1950’s, the staple frock for women of the home has now been embraced by all ladies looking to perk up their everyday as the pandemic of 2020 continues. We’ve all reluctantly become Betty Drapers, queens confined to our castles, but hey, like Betty we’ve learned that the upside is looking and feeling great at home, at the least. Flowy silhouettes, soft cotton, printed shirt-dresses and shifts are becoming the new normal, feeling put together even if the day is filled with nothings. By donning a house dress, everyday mundane becomes a call to action, a purpose to which we must dress for the occasion. In return, we’re rewarded with a grasp onto some sense of productivity. As much as we’re wanting to feel comfortable– we’re also ready to leave that sluggish feeling behind us in bed in the early AM, or on couch in front of the TV with a night cap.

Modern brands like ASOS and Target are tilling out new designs and ethereally- flowing maxis and midis that incorporate linen, eyelet, smocking– and keeping in mind for the modern woman– pockets. However, fashion is a circle, and as 2020 circles back towards chic comfort, there’s no better place to look for these everyday beauties to hold up to everyday housework like vintage. We’ve gathered a few frocks on our radar for long days spent in the comfort of the home– not overdressed, but fashionable enough for going from doing dishes to virtual dining with your gal pals.

Floral Cotton Day Dress, $134 at Big City Small Town Vintage

Print Knot Sleeves Flowy Dress, $19 at The Cat Box

1970’s Purple Floral Dress, $32 at Great Glen Vintage

Nantucket Island 1950’s Striped Cotton Dress, $52 at Little Bird Vintage

1950’s Belted Shirtdress, $55 at Little Posh Vintage Shop

Camila Circle Dress, $56 at Avery Day Vintage

We hope that you’ll look vintage when it comes to your next favorite dress. Sustainable and stylish, these dresses were made for the long haul– or wear, as we should say– and in a time where being safe at home is what we must become accustomed to, they’ll happily rise to the occasion!

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