A Buttermilk “Pop” Pie to Catch your Summer Eye

By Marjorie Magazine

Pies and popsicles. Summer snackin’ couldn’t get any closer to heaven than those two, wouldn’t you agree? So combine them into the best non-baked goodie of the season with our buttermilk popsicle pie, a creative twist that keeps you cool and sweetens up those hot afternoons. Rather than freeze into popsicle molds, this homemade mix is paired with a graham cracker crust and just might be the easiest pie you’ve made yet. Our “pop” pie is sure to become an instant classic for beautiful summers to come.

Pop Pie Ingredients.png


Combine honey, heavy cream, buttermilk, into a bowl and mix. Take 2 cups of your preferred fruit and add into the mixture — for our pie, we peeled and processed 2 peaches (2 cups) and chopped 1/2 cup of slices to add last.

An optional addition is 1/2 cup of pecans for extra crunch!

Once mixture is whipped well, pour into the graham cracker crust. Add a pinch of chopped pecans at the center for garnish. Place pie into freezer and leave for 4 hours.

Remove when ready and leave for 15 minutes to soften. Slice off a piece and serve!



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