Spotted for the Decade: 1920’s in 2020

By Jodi Truglio

The Roaring Twenties represented a time of transformation for many Americans, notably for women whose roles drastically changed During World War I. Recruited to hold jobs left behind by men who had gone to war, About 25% of women by 1920 who were no longer content with staying home. As a result clothing also dramatically changed. It was now considered socially acceptable for them to wear knee-length skirts and dresses accessorized with long chain necklaces and multiple strands of faux pearls. This was known as the Flapper look, while knickers, trousers and even tuxedos were considered taboo clothing items worn by rebellious women. It was these looks and the events that surround them that set the standard for trends that would transcend time and become staples in just about every woman’s wardrobe. In retrospect when you look at 1920’s fashion trends that are coming back into the mainstream, they never really went away; they just became as strong as the women who preceded them. See how these two brands are reflecting the style of the 20’s with a modern twist.

The String of Pearls: Zenzii

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, ZENZII is a wholesale company whose jewelry can be seen worn by women from all over the world. The company is known for creating statement pieces for the women who love fashion and aren’t afraid to be bold.
“We love it when women are bold, stand out and claim their own style and that is what happened in the 20’s. It was a revolutionary time for women. Hair was worn shorter, dresses were more revealing, and it was normalized to dress up glamorous. It was also a time of style icons – such as Coco Chanel, Colleen Moore, and Josephine Baker and you can see a bit of each of their influence in our designs. Although each of these women had their own aesthetic, they were certainly style influencers way before we even knew what style influencer were.” – Shawn and Jenny Li, owners of Zenzii

These pearl styles can be found on



Based in Los Angeles, Amalfii is a sustainable contemporary women’s wear brand that believes in creating a timeless every day staples that can be worn in multiple ways with different color tones to express the wearer’s individual style. “The “Billionaire suit” was inspired by my difficulty finding a suit that was young and fresh, but comfortable and professional. It was very difficult for me to find a suit that I loved, so I made my own dream ‘power suit.’ When I thought of the detailing for the perfect suit I wanted something that made a clear statement. I added the drawstring detail at the inner seam of the arms to give women the option to wear the sleeves straight, or they could pull the drawstring to allow the sleeves to stay with a gathered bunched effect. It really elevated the suit and makes it one of a kind. Also the trousers has functioning side adjusters to give women the perfect fit at the waist, no belts needed!” – Vashti, Creative Director and Founder of Amalfi


Billionaire Suit in Navy & Tan, Trousers $148, Blazer $200 at

Jodi Truglio is a native New Yorker who currently lives in Las Vegas. She holds a degree in Print Journalism. Jodi started her career as a music journalist, but quickly realized her words had the power to reach people and loves telling a good story, as result she focused her career on sustainable fashion/ethical sourcing. She has published articles in various magazines and websites. In her spare time, Jodi enjoys reading and watching old movies, exploring antique shops and posting articles on her website Global Looking Glass. Find her on Instagram @globallookingglass.

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