Vintage Weekly: The Ladies Behind the Instagram Sensation

By Darlene Alvarez

While scrolling through Instagram you cant help but be hit with beautiful inspiration. It was then that I noticed that so many lovely people were taking part in weekly challenges, and I knew I had to be a part of it!

Vintage Weekly (@vintage.weekly on Instagram) is bringing something unique to our community. With its monthly challenges that vary from color schemes to holidays, Vintage Weekly is giving us a chance to dig deep and explore our creative sides.Founded in 2019, the Instagram themes are cleverly thought up by the founders behind Vintage Weekly: Elizabeth of @littleantiqueme, Katie of @katieemilyl, Veronique of @rose.romantique and Vicky of @vickymousehouse. We got a chance to talk to the ladies behind the scenes to find out a little bit more about one of our favorite rising Instagram accounts!

Our own theme on Vintage Weekly to celebrate the launch of this issue

How did you and the team begin Vintage Weekly?

Vintage Weekly: It started out in a small group of friends on Instagram, Elizabeth came up with the idea of doing themed challenges. It initially came about as a want/need for some weekly inspiration because we all get in a funk sometimes and need a little help! We all liked those monthly calendar challenges, but thought they were a bit too much to commit to, so we thought a theme per week would be a good compromise. Elizabeth ran the first month on her page and then realized it would be fun to open it up for everyone to get involved and participate.

That is when Veronique contacted Elizabeth and told her how much the themes helped her get out of a creative rut and she wanted to help out any way she could. We came up with the “Vintage Weekly” name and branding! Katie and Vicky joined to help out with the page. Now, Vicky does our graphics and Elizabeth, Katie and Veronique run the account. It has been a lot of fun to work together and very inspirational to see all the entries we get!

We are now going on our 7 month of weekly themes and we just reached 2000 followers! The themes are open to everyone to enter. We just kindly ask that you use your tag #vintageweekly and mention the theme you are entering for in your caption for a chance to be featured.

How do you come up with themes and what have been the hardest themes to come up with?

Vintage Weekly: We typically brainstorm and come up with ideas one month at a time. We have a spreadsheet to help us keep track of ideas as well as to store ideas for future months. Our inspiration usually comes from seasons, holidays and events. Any holiday theme is tricky, because we want everyone to feel included and welcomed to participate.

Editor Veronique of Vintage Weekly showcases her look for our exclusive Twenties Twist collaboration theme

Do you have any favorite personal themes?

Elizabeth: Oh my favorite personal themes have been the favorite color ones, and story book characters.
Katie: I loved the favorite musical week. Staycation was also a favorite because it was neat to see how people are making the most of being at home.
Veronique: The character ones! We did a few inspired by books, musicals, fictional characters and I think those ones push creativity even more. It is so fun to see what people will come up with and how they will interpret a story/character.
Vicky: I really like the themes that challenge you to put together outfits based off of specific colors. For example, pink & red for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day or pastel week! It helps me look at my wardrobe in a different way. I also love posts that encourage you to share about others you love and self-love themes too!

What have been some favorite looks you’ve seen?

Elizabeth: Goodness, there are so many of them it is hard to pick just one! It has been so inspiring watching what others come up with.
Katie: @theyreeffect’s blue vintage from home look, @itsacharminglife’s astrology look, and @bea_vintagetarian’s staycation post.
Veronique: The musical week had some absolutely stunning looks! I think it allowed people to dress up and try things they would not normally do. I also love to see some creative spins on the themes that are not outfits! We get a lot of beautiful submission of crafts, drawings, baking and those are super fun to see.
Vicky: I loved the looks for “Favorite Childhood Book Character” week! It’s always so fun to see literary characters come to life. I think our participants did such a great job!

Editor Elizabeth of Vintage Weekly showcases her look for our exclusive Twenties Twist collaboration theme

What theme has been the most popular?

Vintage Weekly: We see more participation with the color based themes, the “favorite color week” was a particular popular one. Other than that, it seems like people enjoy being creative the most when they are in a festive mood, because our most active months were December 2019, with our holiday specials, and February 2020 with our love themed month. December had the most entries with the “Holiday Inn – how you celebrate week” and February’s “Pink and Red week” and “Self-love week” were some of our most popular themes!

What are some upcoming themes you have in mind?

Elizabeth: Oh we have so many, one I am excited about is “Recreating a Picture”.
Katie: We haven’t decided next month’s, but many themes are based on seasons, holidays, and current events. I would love a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel themed week, perhaps when the next season releases.
Veronique: We have a few ideas coming up to get to know people better, one will be about where participants are from. We get people from all over the world joining and it will be fun to learn about how they do vintage style in their countries/cities.
Vicky: It’s not right around the corner (sadly), but I cannot wait for Halloween. Our page has yet to do any themes relating to the holiday and I am so excited for it! I would love to see a theme based off people’s vintage inspired or homemade costumes!

flapper-dance-4737208 (1)
Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

How would you give your wardrobe a 1920’s update or nod?

Elizabeth: Personally, I would love to add a few more drop waist dresses and learn to tie my hair scarves in a turban.

Katie: I’m really enjoying playing with different silhouettes. I tend to prefer a more 50’s shape but am coming around to a dropped waist as well as bias cut garments.
Veronique: Textures! When I think of the 1920’s, I think of all the different fabrics they used, intricate lace, lush velvets, silky satins etc. I think those can be incorporated in a variety of styles. I also have a soft spot for 1920’s dramatic makeup, it stands out so much of any other decades.
Vicky: I absolutely love shoes from the 1920’s. Give me all the Mary Jane’s! Always looking to add more to my shoe collection.


Try the themes for yourself and follow @vintage.weekly on Instagram today! Be sure to use their hashtag #vintageweekly with a mention of that week’s theme in your caption for a chance to be featured!

In special collaboration with Vintage Weekly for the week’s feature on the Roaring Twenties, be sure to check outRoaring Twenties, An Encore now available from Marjorie Magazine!

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