Falling in Love with Tea Time

Story by Marjorie Magazine

Photos by Heather Barnes

Spring afternoons aren’t swelling in, but they’re arriving on light breezes as sunshine starts spilling through into the coziness of your home. This sounds like an exceptional time for tea, even if just for one. Take inspiration from these snapshots of a loving time to one’s self as tea is best enjoyed, sweetly and slowly, when its comforts are absolutely needed.


It’s time to dust off that collection you’ve been building over the years. Or better yet, use your grandmother’s set!



Now, what shall we serve? Featured above is a simple concoction of strawberry cream cheese sandwiches.


A classic English teatime tier: savory on bottom, sweets at the top.


With the exception of a macaron tier.


And let’s not forget the details. Pearls and petals galore!


The finishing touches on the perfect cup of tea.

20200217-154852untitled (1)

Let’s cheer to good health and happy times ahead to each and every one of you who’s graciously joined this magical gathering from afar!

Heather Barnes is an Austin based photographer and recipe creator. She aims to see beauty in every day moments, living mindfully and soulfully. She has an affinity for all things vintage, including collecting 1950s cookbooks and unique kitchen utensils from the past. Heather loves experimenting with herbs and flowers in her kitchen, and is currently writing her first cookbook. Her motto is, “Stop and smell the flowers along the way.” Find her on Instagram at @aforagersfeast.​




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