Our Retro Roundup to Inspire You at Home This Season

It’s times like now when with our readers, we come together as we find ourselves apart. During these long and uncertain moments in the present, we find that the past can always be a breath of fresh air. While staying informed and aware of the circumstances around us, keeping a peace of mind and positive spirit is just as universal to your well being– and for us, we can easily find such solace through sentimentality, the beauties of simpler times and pleasant memories. Spring days with jasmine in the air, old salt on a breeze coming in from Cape Cod, the timer that dings when the first batch of cookies are done while you turn over a vinyl to the B Side. These memories can be made too, in the times we find ourselves in. As vintage Youtuber and founder of Vintage Doll Cosmetics Laura Jane Atelier assures us, “the past is written, but the future is unknown.” So let us help you slide back into happier moments as you might find yourself indoors, home-bound but not hopeless.

We’ve rounded up our favorite all-time reads right here from Marjorie Magazine to get each and every reader inspired for a touch of vintage in their everyday. From crafts to cooking and even perfecting a new vintage hairstyle, think of these bygone-inspired pieces as reminders that in spite of uncertainty, the best things in life are free, small, and leave the best lasting impression.

Perfect your Vintage Hair!



Long hours of the day should be great for trial and error when it comes to setting, curling, teasing, and perfecting a new vintage-inspired ‘do! Brush up your skills on a basic brush-out here or even take your hair to new heights in a five-minute Gibson Girl bouffant.

Something Old, Something Sweet

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 9.52.19 PM.png

Spruce up the kitchen with a few ingredients and great smells! There’s no better time than the present to learn a few new recipes that take your mind and taste buds back to better days. Comforting Marjorie medley pies for the warm days ahead might do the trick, or a lighter yet creamy and delightful chia rose pudding can set you right. Not quite to your cravings? See our other sweet and sippable recipes here.


Nothing Takes You Away Like an Old Flick

1_p_lNGPNqhHw2pP6G-L1WSA (1).jpg

From TCM to Disney Plus, the best blast from the past is captured on films. We already picked a few of our favorites from Disney Plus here or if you’re looking for an eerie thriller to cozy up with a loved one, we’ve got these horror hits! But perhaps, these modern selections like (500) Days of Summer or The Shape of Water might do the trick.

Passing Time with Pretty Pastimes

Via Etsy Store ArteStileBeauty

Tongue twisters aside, we’re certain getting crafty never put a gal in a bad mood! We’ve long admired the dual-functionality of breathtaking teacup candles that you can learn to make for yourself here, and get inspired by a few we’ve spotted from Etsy.

Girl_In_Progress_web_aa452ef3-024c-4bc9-b205-eee4dd8ca304_480x480 (1)

Other crafts to learn are that of the elegant arts of flower pressing and embroidery! See how artist Leah Nikolau fuses both together for incredible artwork (and your own personal inspiration) here!

Take Time to Write (and to Loved Ones)


Something more meaningful now than ever with little effort and means is writing a heartfelt letter. No matter the stationery or how long time has passed, a great letter lives on, its meaning never changing with the times. Especially for letters you save throughout the years, “there is something about the imprints of the ink left behind from our loved ones who have passed that brings back a sense of nostalgia,” says Sela Hanna.

Find a few of our favorite stationery picks here and even get inspired to start down the life long journey of regular letter writing with this beautiful outlook of pen pals from writer Diana Lyndhurst.

The best letter you can always write is a special one to yourself. Keep your spirits high and chin up with every word you jot down in our own classic Summer Memories Memo Notebooks, each $10 and inspired by the dreamy getaways of the 1920’s.

Pick Up an Old– or New– Classic


Another way to dash off into an adventure from the comforts of your couch or bed is into a new book, or even a classic you can enjoy over again even more so in these long days. From the thrillers of Nancy Drew to escaping off into the summer of ’45 at Tiffany & Co, and these perfect picks from Features Editor Darlene Alvarez, your next little book just might be the best journey you can embark on this spring!

Put Your Records on


We couldn’t rejoice more to learn that listening to vinyl is growing in popularity, thanks to a 2019 study that showed vinyl purchases increased 8%, the highest sales have been since 1988. Have you been building your collection? Even if you don’t live near a local record store, we suggest good ol’ Discogs for a hearty array of discounted used (and new!) vinyl to purchase online today! Find your tunes, and get the music going to liven up your home and the mood for all to enjoy.

Treat Yourself to a Victorian Spa Day


Taking things easy and slow is perhaps the best part of staying home– to unwind and focus on you. Your self-care can take a fantastic and elegant leap into the past with these essentials from Willow & Birch Apothecary or The Lovely Rose Apothecary.

A New Outlook on an Old Home

There’s bound to be some parts of your beloved space that could use some spice. Our favorite suggestion is taking one spot and transforming it into an inspiring corner, particularly if you happen to have an old radiator (or fireplace mantle)! More vintage inspo can be found with this tour of Canadian collector Judy’s home here.


Most of all, remember to check in on your friends and family, especially those you may know are deeply affected given the circumstances. Good health is key, and even more beneficial when we can all support each other so that we too can look back on the positives of a time where there seemed none at all.

Please share with your fellow Marjorie Gals in the comments your suggestions and hopeful hints on keeping your household filled with love and warmth for the season ahead. We hope everyone is staying safe, and most of all, not feeling alone. And that’s what Marjorie is, who she is–all of us coming together through the uplifting beauties of the bygone.

2 thoughts on “Our Retro Roundup to Inspire You at Home This Season

  1. This was SO well written and inspiring, thank you Marjorie for being a comforting voice from the past for the present and future 💛


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