That One Time Girl Scouts Didn’t Sell Their Cookies (And for a Good Cause!)

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us!

Bring us the cheers and beckons, the handmade signs, and the boxed-up goodies that celebrate the great cause of supporting 100-year old organization’s programs that unite young girls together in building leadership for the future. Since 1917, the sales of cookies have been a driving force behind Girl Scouts, inspiring its young entrepreneurs and feeding thousands across America with their classic flavors like Thin Mints, Samoas, and Peanut Butter Patties. But as we look to get our hands on a box of our own this month, we discovered that once in time there was in fact a moment when such delicacies were not in high demand.

Via Google Images

It’s hard to believe that anyone in America wouldn’t want to buy Girl Scout Cookies, but that wasn’t the case during World War II. Rations were up and baking essentials like flour and sugar and eggs were scarce. In their civic duty to aid the troops and giving up cookie sales, the Girl Scouts rallied together to create special calendars to sell instead all throughout the war years. Even more important than sweets, time was of the essence, especially with a war on, and the calendars were just as high in demand.

In the 100 years since its conception, Girl Scouts have always been about pushing young girls across the world to their potential and uniting together to lift each other up into bright futures– even in the darkest times. Their dedication and quick thinking reflect on the changing times, and in spite of adversity Girl Scouts know exactly how to rise to the occasion and always lead by incredible and resourceful example. Thankfully we’re fortunate to continue the consumption of their cookies, and while that lasts, knowing the impact Girl Scouts have made on inspiring young American girls, we can take each bite feeling physically and emotionally satisfied!

Enjoyed that fun fact on Girl Scout Cookies? Tell us your go-to box of Girl Scout cookies below and if you were a Girl Scout growing up!

Photo via Girl Scouts Make History


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