Classic Love: Readers Discuss What’ll Make their Valentine’s Day an Unforgettable One

“Classic love… The great one.. The one your heart can’t do without. It’s a soulmate that you don’t recognize, until your first encounter. Is it a kiss or is it a slight hand touch. Who knows… Kisses on foreheads, hand holding while driving, soft touches, brushing a strand of hair from your face, that is classic love… And coming from a soulmate, it’s an even better true blue, straight from the heart, classic love….”

— Stacie Moore

Via iStock

“I think classic love is still having a sense of innocence. The butterflies that dont go away. Simple things like holding hands🤗”

— Darlene Alvarez

Via Google Images

“Placing your head on his shoulder.”

— Lauren Opalite

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“A man always brings some flowers for his lady <3”

— Lizzy Bennet Pham


“Making ‘date nights’ at home after the kids go to bed, food, music, dancing, candles etc.”

— @the.chesher.vintage

Via Piccsy

“Dancing spontaneously together to your special song :)”

— Paris Kim

Something sentimental we’ve missed? Tell us what Classic Love means to you in our comments!



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