Instant Forevers: Finding Love in Old Photo Booth Pictures

By Marjorie Magazin

Be it letters, lockets, or a special song, your special memento between you and your sweetheart is perhaps your favorite reminder of your love. But perhaps unlike the others, the quickness of a photo booth snapshot might be the best way to capture it. Unfussy and a novelty at the same time, photo booths remain an intimate and fun experience for you and your friends or beloved to be silly, be yourselves, and to hold onto that impromptu moment in a permanent piece. No photographer, no spectators looking onward as you pose– just you, a curtained booth, and your favorite people!

Take a look at these breathtaking mementos of another time, of lovers where even after their faces have long passed, their love remains encased for all to see all in an instant’s time, to cherish for what will be forever.

All photos sourced via Google, Pinterest, or respected websites.

Via Pinterest.

“Happy to be with this one!” 1950s.

Via Pinterest.

A sporty pair, with the man in what looks like a classic jersey. 1950s.

Via Google Images.

Giving a big one for the cameras. 1950s.

Via Google Images

One second too many, too late! 1960s.


From top to bottom: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. 1940s.

Via Pinterest.

Telling her she’s your National Anthem, 1940s style.

Via Google Images.

A classic case of “I was going going to smile, but couldn’t resist a kiss!” 1950s.

Via Pinterest.

A cozy kind of love. 1940s.

Via Pinterest.

Trying to watch the timer so you know when to look. We’ve all done it! 1950s.

Via Google Images.

How to perfectly capture your love. 1940s.

Via Pinterest.

There’s just something wonderful and irresistible about being close to the one you love. 1930s.

Via Pinterest.

That cool couple. Or at least, the cool girlfriend. 1960s.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 10.22.09 PM
Via The National World War II Museum.

Stronger together is the love we share. 1940s.

Via Pinterest.

He most absolutely just told her something wonderful. It’s showing in her face! 1960s.

Via Pinterest.

Style and true love. Real couple goals here. 1940s.

Via Flickr

Yeah, this guy? He’s kinda great, and he’s all mine. 1940s.

Which couple was your favorite? Tell us, and share your favorite photo booth picture moment below!

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