With Facebook, A Beloved Vintage Group Finds Growing Outpour of Support & New Members

By Marjorie Magazine

A young woman pulls back the curtain of a store fitting room to reveal to her friends a bright and beautiful ensemble reminiscent of a 1950’s summer look. Her white swing dress, peach pink cardigan, and bouncy curls make up only one look from a montage of whimsical and retro looks worn by various girls, all confident, all happy in their skin, and by the end of the video, grateful to have found friends who enjoy the same taste in clothing– vintage clothing, that is!

It’s one of the more prominent ads being run to promote Facebook’s unique feature of being able to start a group with friends and strangers alike who share the same passions as yourself, and from dog lovers to makeup enthusiasts, Vintage Styling for Modern Girls has made waves among new Facebook users who are just learning about the group. Before the ads ran, the group and its 6.5K members across the world proudly shared their everyday vintage looks and swapped advice on hair, sizing, and stores. Since the video aired in December, the group has now nearly doubled in membership to 10.3K users.

Still from the recent More Together campaign showcasing various FB groups like Vintage Styling for Modern Girls.

All the groups featured in the video campaign are real, supported widely by passionate Facebook users. Their names ring true to their niche, like Lady Bikers of California, or Nothing Better than a Basset (hound)– and for Vintage Styling for Modern Girls, it means that in their love for all things classic and timeless, each member doesn’t feel alone. In shedding light on these many groups, Facebook is boasting of its most beneficial feature, proclaiming in its campaign that with “over 1.4 billion people in groups, [connecting with a community] is easier than ever before.” Put that focus on today’s inclusive culture, and you’ve found many who like to stand out coming together, celebrating together, over something you might feel today’s world of fashion has forgotten. It’s forward thinking, for fashions of the past.

New members stumbling upon the video are joining by the hundreds, many seeing this a a new door opened in spreading the joy they find in their own style with others. Autumn Bell, one of many who joined the group in the wake of the video, saw the video and thought how refreshing it was to find a group of people who loved vintage things just like herself.

“I was so sure the video was personalized!” She exclaims. “As a long time lover of history, I connect with vintage pieces because it helps me bring the past to my present. It helps me connect to the past.”

Mandy Cary, another new member from Maryland, opened up about how she’s spread the love of vintage to her own daughter. “My daughters and I dress vintage so I join as many groups as I find to source items and looks,” she says. “This is the only Facebook ad I ever watched and I not only watched but immediately searched for the group hoping it was a real one I could join!”

Courtesy of Autumn Bell

Some new members however, are here by lucky chance. Dawn Hudson just joined Vintage Styling but without having seen the popular video. “I do youtube videos as well on adding vintage flair to modern looks,” She tells us. She proudly posts a photo of a recent shoot she did in a 1937 Schiaparelli cape , one she recently sold to her great grandson. “I’ve been an expert and a collector a long time.”

Other longtime members like Bianca Doucet are embracing the new additions with a welcoming and understanding eye. Having showcased her favorite looks for years on Vintage Styling, she’s proud to be expressing her “funky” style but also while looking classy and feeling confident. Brytzi Koby, a member since January, explains that she’s dressed in 40’s and 50’s styles since high school. ” I have a lot of genuine vintage and wear it daily, ” she tells us.  “I love this site for all the love, support, makeup and hair tips.”

Courtesy of Bianca Doucet
Courtesy of Brytzi Koby

The continuous support and spike in membership for VSFMG only proves that the love for vintage wasn’t just a tiny bubble, one that founder and group admin Meghan Smith can attest to. 

“The truth is, [Facebook] loved our group as much as we do!” She begins in a post on the group’s wall in the wake of new members and curiosity among the old. “Back in April [they] reached out to me asking for information about our group, and if I would be interested in possibly having it featured. Of course I jumped at the chance to showcase new aged vintage fashion, and said yes!” Come August, she was flown into LA to shoot the minute-long montage with her input and attention to detail on what sort of looks that should be showcased, in capturing the true spirit of the group.

“I’m very proud of the work we all did and very pleased with the final product!” She continues, while posting a link to the very video itself for all members to see. ” Almost 100k views and over 500 member requests already is slightly overwhelming, but also exciting to see our community grow!”

A beautiful mod look for a winter’s day, courtesy of Saraid Claxton

In this spike in growth, you can expect the fever for vintage fashions to only rise. Enthusiastic new members are posting everyday, some simply introducing themselves and why they cannot wait to be a part of the group, others already sharing outfit looks, like new member Saraid Claxton who proudly showcases a few of her looks from the past year, explaining her flair for mixing styles of the 60/70’s with a bit of 90’s and 50’s as well before linking her Instagram account @sunsetsaraid to connect with other gals on the app. Others are already asking for recommendation on waist trainers and what shoes should they wear to Disneyland. It’s an endless scroll of inspiration and tips, a delight to the eyes especially for new members who might have felt so alone in their passion for the past and its styles. “I’m pretty sure I was a pin up in another life,” says new member Laurel Long, while Sarah Furseth embraces vintage for how it has always helped her stand out, “but still look classic.”

Facebook didn’t have to do much to sell its users on the groups section of the social media site, especially when it came to highlighting groups that spoke so naturally to them. In the case of vintage, these styles are a classic to remain adored and much loved by new members and even generations to come. It’s a wonder that it’s one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook at the moment, and in the new year, who knows what trends might arise in the mainstream, should the vintage fever grow even beyond a simple group online.

Courtesy of Laurel Long
Courtesy of Sarah Furseth

Until then, we can all enjoy the looks we share within VSFMG and know that we were never alone at all– we just needed to make the right connections, and by chance see just the right video on our feed. And based on its performance, we’re sure that any avid vintage admirer will soon.

A special thank you to members for participating in this article!

2 thoughts on “With Facebook, A Beloved Vintage Group Finds Growing Outpour of Support & New Members

  1. Thank you for showcasing our group! I never imagined the group would grow as rapidly as it has. But here I am still amazed that all these members actually want to be apart of the group I have created. I will say however that while I may have created this group its thousands the thousands of girls who nourish it daily making it not just my space, buy more importantly OUR space. Our space to share ourselves unapologetically with those who inspire and are inspired by our incredible love of vintage style.


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