A Magical Engagement and a Timeless Look

Story and Photos by Paris Kim

One of the best stories to tell about the past is one of love, and this one comes straight from my own.

I won’t go into much detail, for as they say when it comes to your own stories, it may not be great– but it’s yours. And nonetheless, I wouldn’t have missed on an opportunity for a day celebrating such to dress up in timeless fashion. If you could get a quick glimpse into my own love story, then look no further than the beauty of my recent engagement party, a cold wintry afternoon with little frost and thankfully lots of sunshine as me and my sweetheart welcomed our friends and family into the little pavilion that served up champagne, florals, and wonderful memories.



My sweetheart and I met in San Francisco, and many of our dates around town involve some sort of romantic adventure in the City by the Bay– watching Casablanca at the Castro Theater, Valentine’s Day dining at John’s Grill, and dancing the night away aboard the SS Red Oak Victory in the summertime. The little things in the past make up a big part of the wonderful memories of our present. So naturally, a little vintage set the tone for our day, especially in my own dress.

Waiting to reveal white until the Big Day down the road, I was fortunate to find this beautiful champagne lace design from Zapaka. Down to the flattering fit and the flow, it didn’t feel like a winter’s day in how I moved about without a coat, enamored with the feeling of how wonderful the dress made me feel, dolled up and and nearly bridal. Staying true to its style, pearls and a 40’s brush-out only felt natural for this dress, stepping back in time if only for a day, and of all days, to choose a happy one for this brief time travel.






In wearing Zapaka, I can look back on these lovely photos captured from the day and smile on how magical I felt in this dress. The stunning sweetheart neckline, the satin sash that neatly tied my waistline, and the smooth texture of the lace made this a fine and well crafted dress that rose just to the occasion. With so many vintage reproduction varieties in their shop, Zapaka, a family brand since 1968, is one that they’re certain Audrey Hepburn herself would admire. I can only imagine what else we at Marjorie can envision wearing for our most beloved upcoming days, especially with the endless beauties to be found at Zapaka.

For a happy start of a lifelong romance, I simply thank a feeling of pride and beauty in choosing the perfect dress for this magical day of love and memories.

A special thanks to Zapaka for this article. As a special offer, readers who shop Zapaka today can use our special promo code Paris20 for 20% off your entire order!

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Paris Kim is the founder and Editor-in-Chief at Marjorie Magazine. Find her personal inspirations on Instagram at @pariskimwrites.


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