Christmas at the Bellagio Conservatory

Story and Photos by Jodi Truglio

You know the Christmas Season is in full swing when the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nev. transitions its conservatory from fall to its winter theme.

The hotel’s Christmas display is a true delight to the eye, which combines elements of an elegant vintage Christmas with a modern day twist. 90 percent of the trees, flowers and plants in the conservatory are recycled from previous displays.


The display features 34,000 flowers total with a 42-foot-tall live White Fir tree with thousands of twinkling lights. The Bellagio encourages guests to explore and freely take pictures.

Queen Bellissima (Ice Queen) which means very beautiful in Italian features 500 preserved red roses, 204 preserved white roses, 84 preserved cream roses, 240 preserved white Hydrangeas, 120 White Phataenopsis, 60 Washingtonian palm leaves and 370 Burnt Sun fan palms for her dress.


Mama Coca Cola Bear’s coat is made of 10,000 fresh white carnations that are irrigated and maintained daily. The Coca Cola Polar Bear dates back to 1922 when it was first introduced in a French print advertisement. The modern polar bear that most of us are familiar with made its debut in 1993 with it’s “Always Coca‑Cola” campaign in a television ad called “Northern Lights”.



A peek inside Cinderella’s Carriage will reveal a beautiful chandelier.



Elves Busy at work and play!



Pictures from the gift shop, just as magical.



The Las Vegas Sign, Paris Hotel and the New York, New York Hotel out on the town.



Tune in for next year’s magical exhibit and see what awaits spectators in the New Year at

Jodi Truglio is a native New Yorker who currently lives in Las Vegas. She holds a degree in Print Journalism. Jodi started her career as a music journalist, but quickly realized her words had the power to reach people and loves telling a good story, as result she focused her career on sustainable fashion/ethical sourcing. She has published articles in various magazines and websites. In her spare time, Jodi enjoys reading and watching old movies, exploring antique shops and posting articles on her website Global Looking Glass. Find her on Instagram @globallookingglass.

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