Wild Whimsy: Scenes of Fall in the Sierras

By Marjorie Magazine

As winter approaches quickly, this week we hope you step into the beautiful brisk air of nature at its finest: in the fall! We recently headed up to the Yosemite Valley and found only the most magical foliage, cabins, and mountains to inspire, not to mention a few vintage-inspired details in our (impractical yet oh so pretty!) outerwear.

Dusty blue skies, yellowing leaves and lots of plaid set the tone for a simple getaway to the great valley that gave birth to our national park system. The air is fresh and full of sweet pine. The roads are quiet and damp with the mist of the fall that dances onto the meadows near Curry Village at the golden twilight, while the mountains look down in their silver splendor onto a still bustling landmark.











Even if miles away from the Sierras, you can still capture a little bit of the mountainous magic for yourself with our curated collection. Let your house, style, and kitchen embrace the wild side for a unique fall feeling that takes you on a classic adventure within the comforts of home.

Yosemite Inspiration.png

Embroidered Floral Weekender Bag, $70 at Etsy

Cable Knit Sweater Dress, $158 at Kiel James Patrick

Vintage Camping Pennant, $25 at Etsy

Plaid Throw with Leather Carrier, $99 at Pendleton

Anywhere That Is Wild, $12.99 at Travel Yosemite

Yosemite & The Mariposa Grove: A Preliminary Report, $8.99 at Amazon

Honey Black Bear: Mix up your cocktail that’s a great outdoors refresher using white rum, fresh blackberries, lemon, ginger, almond & honey syrup, ingredients courtesy of Evergreen Lodge

Dark Chocolate S’Mores, $30 at Williams-Sonoma

Flavio Wagon Wheel Chandelier, $260 at Wayfair

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