Perfecting Vintage: A Five-Minute Gibson Girl

By Marjorie Magazine

The joy of one’s hair is being their crowning glory, however that may suit them. For those who adore long tresses yet may find themselves putting them away up in messy buns, we present to you a more stylish and romantic approach to your hair that’s carefree yet elegant and yes, completely of another time. Forget top knots and chignons– it’s time to bring back the bold updos of the Gibson Girl.

Gibson Girl hairstyle is simply a fluffy bouffant that adds beautiful yet whimsical focus to the wearer’s face, accentuating their features in an effortless manner. Most closely associated with the Gilded or Edwardian Age, the term “Gibson” comes from a series of illustrations by Charles Dana Gibson depicting his vision of a modern woman: taking up interests in the arts, proudly independent, yet perfectly still dainty and elegant (Library of Congress).

Via Google Images

Although giving way to the more bold and daring Flapper Girls that were to succeed them in the 1920’s, the look of the Gibson Girl draws us into memories of a turning point for the modern woman, a time when women were on the verge of independence with suffrage movements and a looming Great War, whilst still embracing their unique womanly features and flaunting them in style, particularly flowing long hair– the ultimate symbol of femininity.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be giving this look a shot in today’s ever unique and inclusive definition of style, so what better new ‘do than one that makes us feel like a modern porcelain doll on a mission? Perfect for the office, a nice out, and even a quick run off to do some grocery shopping, you’ll find out easy it is to recreate this dramatic hair in 5 steps!


Bobby Pins

Hair Tie

Rat Tail Comb

Bun Donut, or alternatively, a Faux Hair Piece


Take a comb and grab hold of all the front-facing hair that goes before your ears. Start back-teasing this section using a rat-tailed comb.



Take the section and push it towards the front of your face. Taking a few bobby pins (usually at least 4), pin in place to keep section high.

Tying Up

Once the front is pushed up and pinned, grab the rest of your hair into a loose yet firm bun at the crown of your head. To achieve more fluff on the underside of your head, you can turn your head down and grab your hair together as it all falls over, tilting your head back up with your gathered hair.

Adding the Bun

Taking a bun donut, use your hair in a ponytail to create a smooth bun at the top of your head. Or, alternatively, you can cheat with a quick hair piece scrunchie that adds to the messy bun you’ve already created atop your head!

Finishing Touches

Pull out wisps of hair around your forehead and part as needed to frame your face and add messy texture. You can also tug at the underside of your hair to fluff out the bottom.

With little effort and lots of volume, the Gibson look of the 21st Century is yours to define for your own style, especially if it’s in need of a little vintage!





One thought on “Perfecting Vintage: A Five-Minute Gibson Girl

  1. Hey thanks! I was thinking about old books and the image of a Gibson girl popped into my head and I started wondering how to do my hair this way. I still have to actually try it, but your post is very thorough and detailed, so with some practice I’m sure I can pull it off. Thanks again.


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