Can’t Beat a Classic: Vinyl’s Comeback in the 21st Century

By Marjorie Magazine

With every passing decade, it only seems that technology is making swift and unreal advances. We saw smartphones, self-driving cars, and social media emerge in just a little over 10 years, and yet, it’s not surprising that a blast from the past is making its move as the reigning champ– that is, when it comes to music.

Online streaming may be the easier and more practical successor to the era of CD’s in a time when everything is literally within reach of your phone or at the call of Alexa or Siri. However, according to a recent study earlier this year conducted by Recording Industry Association of America, profits from CD’s fell 34 percent in 2018, while vinyl increased by 8 percent at the highest it’s been since 1988.

Jade Stephens via Unsplash

Most say it’s just the crisp, clear sound of a record, for others it just might be the beauty of the album covers in themselves. But perhaps it’s just that pure feeling of enjoying sounds so well crafted and being able to hold it in your hands. As vinyl continues to become more than a third of all physical music profits, we can only dance to how simple beauties of the past endure and pass themselves down through the decades.

Looking to start a record collection, or already devoted to a solid decades-long curation? Tell us your favorite vinyl to listen to below!

Images via Unsplash

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