Modern Elegance with Nautical Notions’ Classic Pearls

Pearls are always appropriate.

Leave it to Jacqueline Onassis to declare the one rule of fashion that holds true no matter the look. A string of these creamy gems capture our imagination for all things elegant and beautifully unique, and with the ladies who don the designs of Nautical Notions’ line of pearl accessories, you can catch a glimpse of classic glamour for the modern world.


What originally started as a business of handbags crafted from sailcloth, has become a return to a pure passion for crafting after a seven-year hiatus, resulting in the most beautiful designs of pearl accessories you could wish for today. Although they’re not the easiest to make and are rather time-consuming, the works of designer and owner Alexandria Boudreau take up less space than bulky fabric and brings her back to beautiful images of her grandmothers, dawned in an array of different pearl sets whenever she saw them.

“They always looked so polished and pretty,” she recalls. “And for some reason, I noticed them more than I did any diamonds or other gemstones.”

The blue grosgrain bows and gold oyster clamps that identify each piece as one of Boudreau’s are just the finer details that make her bracelets and earrings a must for any modern prepster or stylish coastal inhabitant. An ode to the beauty of the sea, the romantically calm way of life along the shores, as well as a nod to American’s rich nautical heritage, are just one reason why you’ll always see these sorts of accessories from sea to shining sea, especially in New England. Having grown up on Cape Cod herself, Boudreau keeps those wonderful memories close as she launched her favorite collection to date last year: The Coastal Collection, gold plated clasps pressed into the shapes of dream destinations on the water– South Carolina, Florida, California, and yes, Nantucket and Cape Cod. “Now that I live in Florida,” Boudreau explains, “I love having a piece of my hometown with me everywhere I go.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 11.05.22 PM.pngThis spring, she turns her attention to more striking textures and patterns, namely in other classics like tortoiseshell to accompany her pearls, and pretty bold prints inspired by vibrant Lilly Pulitzer designs. No matter the pairing, no matter the way it’s styled or worn, the pearls themselves will always be the crowning glory. Whether it’s young women flocking to J. Crew or elders who may not shop at all but still covet boxes of their vintage pearl heirlooms, you’ll never see a pearl out of place, ever discarded. Boudreau herself has never seen anybody get rid of pearls, for truth be told, they’re always in style.

“They are always appropriate for that one event– even if they aren’t your go-to piece.”

And so as you await that significant one event for you, be sure to admire and enjoy each pearl from Nautical Notions, from classic to trendy, and even personalized. Pearls are always appropriate, especially when it comes to making our unique selves shine our brightest with a little glimmer of the ocean on the surface.


Photos courtesy of Nautical Notions 

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