Decades of Love: Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards and their Messages

Valentine’s Days may come and go, but the messages from the heart are truly meant to last forever– especially when captured in ink. Read along as we relive the sentiments of the early 20th century through keepsake postcards

To Vernon Cleary of Seattle, WA, 1913


My dearest sweetheart,

Rose are red,

Violets are blue,

Honey is sweet,

And as are you.

Yours lovingly,

C. G.

To Mildred Fenstermaker, from Verona Poe, 1911


[No note].

To Mrs. L. Gallagher from Philadelphia, PA, 1909


Dear Sister,

Received your loving letter just now. Glad to see [Unreadable].

Your Dear Sister,


To Emma Zimmermann of St. Louis, MO 1908


Dear Emma,

Wishing you all a Happy Happy Happy New Year. Hoping that I will see your sweet face soon again!

Your loving friend,

Emma Wucherer


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