Saltwater Taffy to Tempt Your Sweet Valentine

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? A classic! But maybe…more cliche than classic. For showing your beloved a small yet everlasting token of your affections this Valentine’s Day, we turn our cravings to the buttery delights of another old-fashioned confection: salt water taffies!

Image: James Candy Company

Although the origin of salt water taffy is mythical, we know that it grew in popularity as a boardwalk treat strolling about the beaches of Jersey Shore at the turn of the 20th Century. Taffy can now be found anywhere, in any candy store, and still remains popular among coastal destinations from New England to Southern California. We’ve wrapped up our personal favorites to dole out on Happy Hearts Day, featuring a variety of flavors that best give off that feeling of love. From soda fountain desserts to Victorian notes of rose, you’ll be glad you gifted a sweet so unique yet just as sentimental– and tasty– as any other chocolate!

You can find these delicious flavors and more at Candy Baron!

Starting with Dessert

Red Velvet and Banana Split are ready for you to bite as the main course! Classic Valentine’s desserts are packed into the right sizes for


Victorian Romance

Rose was all the rage when it came to flavors of the Victorian/Edwardian era. Bring a bit of that elegant romance to your gifts with Cherry Rose, not only full of flavor but delicately decorated with a lovely rose at its center!

51195345_785673055128059_8231568052739637248_n (1).jpg

A Refreshing Pop of Peppermint

Classic peppermint is a perfect compliment to the butter texture of taffy, but chocolate mint is another twist that takes the flavor to a whole new level of perk! Not to mention, we think this is the perfect piece to take before you give your sweetheart a sincere kiss.


Gimme a Cherry Cola!

Top off your celebrations with good ol’ chocolate taffy, and these cherry cola varieties. If tonight doesn’t feel like you’re both sitting at the counter of the soda fountain sipping on some cola while staring into each other’s eyes– these taffies will do just the trick!


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