A Portrait (or Two) of Housewife Chic

By Darlene Alvarez, Marjorie Magazine Staff

You stand in front of the mirror in an outfit you adore. Twirling around only to realize you’re missing something. The perfect accessory. Luckily Housewife Chic by Ruby is here to save the day with their vintage inspired brooches.

Cruiser Bike Brooch & Illustration, $22

As an artist of all mediums Rebecca McLemore was looking for a fun creative outlet. Taking inspiration from her mother Rubys love of all things vintage, she initially started creating items for her mother to wear. And also started illustrating her into a cartoon that became Rubys persona on her blog.

Rebecca’s illustrations are inspired by the lovely faces of the past you’d see in advertisements in a 1950s magazine. Or the chic silhouette on a 1940s sewing pattern. Even having the pleasure of drawing a few of their Instagram followers. As each item is a hand drawn one of a kind piece of art, it’s hard for Rebecca to pick a favorite item she’s created.” Getting to see how much someone appreciates and loves the work you put into something. And they will cherish it, is what our work is all about.”

As their illustrations have become more popular so has the idea of expanding into custom portrait pieces. They’ve already ventured into special request in the past, such as a custom wedding cake topper, and bringing a customers cherished grandparents to life on a brooch.

Not only does Housewife Chic’s artwork show the timeless elegance of a period in time that so many of us are trying to recapture, but it also shows in their outlook on our beloved community.


“The world can be so judgmental. And it’s empowering to see both men and women embrace being bold and fearless. And the joy vintage fashion brings to people. “Rebecca says.

See all of Rebecca’s work and more at Housewife Chic by Ruby! And be sure to follow along Ruby’s Adventures at Ruby’s Musings!

HWC AD Piece (1).jpg

Darlene Alvarez describes herself as a darkling living in green gables. She loves to design and recreate vintage fashions with a twist, and recently has taken up photography. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

One thought on “A Portrait (or Two) of Housewife Chic

  1. I loved this article and it’s been such a great little journey as the inspiration for Housewife Chic “by” Ruby and so excited to see where it goes in the future as it transistions to HWC vintage inspired and personalized portraits.


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