Sip on the Sweet Scents of These DIY Antique Teacup Candles

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is time well spent with each other. In the midst of winter, a simple date over hot tea served in beautifully crafted china can make you feel that special touch of love and joy. and of course, warmth. But even if you’ll have to take a raincheck on teatime this season, at least you can give your loved ones a gift just as lovely: a homemade gift, and a teacup candle at that, to remind them of these special moments together. A wonderful way to repurpose antique teacups while surrounding your home in light and a delicate but comforting aroma of your favorite tea, making a set of candles from scratch will have your friends and family admiring your handiwork and thinking of you always whenever they strike a match.

Find our quick and effortless way to make this unique gift below, and give the gift of light in a most beautiful, bygone way!

Teacup Candle Supplies.png

1. Start off by heating 2 blocks of wax in a small pot over med-low heat.

2. As wax melts, adhere the wick stem to the center of the teacup, using a strong glue or hot glue gun.

3. Stir the melting wax, adding into the pot generous drops of essential oil (how many pours at your discretion, based on how strong you would like your candle to smell).


4. Once all the wax is melted, take pot off stove and pour wax over the candle, but not to the top. Leave about 1/2 inch between the wax and the brim of the cup.

5. Using chopsticks or clothespin, keep the wick straight, doing so by pinning it between the clothespin or pinching it upright between the chopsticks.


6. The clear liquid will soon start cooling into a white color. As the liquid cools and the wax solidifies, sprinkle in pinches of tea from the teabag (simply cut open the teabag from the top to make loose leaf tea). This way the tea will stay on the surface rather than fall to the bottom of the candle.

7. Cool for an hour. Once the wax is solid, trim the wick to 1/2 inch sticking out of the candle wax.


Even more ornate when paired with a mismatched saucer and tied up in saran wrap with a bow! Tell us if you’re making these delightful gifts in the comments below with your favorite scent!

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