Giving Vintage! Our 2018 Guide

Our gifts count the most during old yuletide times as these! As firm believers of something old becomes something beloved, these are a few of our favorite things when it comes to gifts of the heart. Vintage-inspired keepsakes or necessities make the holiday season the right kind of sentimental, nodding back to beautiful elegances of bygone eras and craftsmanship that reflected the fabulous frivolity of their creators’ visions. The most memorable beauty of a vintage gift is their stories, for who can forget or merely wonder at what remarkable past could belong to each– and to each gift recipient, who knows what wonderful memories they might make next with these rich and thoughtful presents.

From kitchen to travel and especially fashion, 2018’s beauties are just what the vintage beauty in your life will absolutely cherish when opening up these delightful picks from Marjorie!

Giving Vintage 2018 (4).png

Beautiful Bags

Traveling light may not always be an easy feat, but at least our luggage might look nice! These suitcases alone inspire a wanderlust that takes us back across the Atlantic or through the Alps via the Orient Express. The sensation of traveling the old fashioned way make Steamline Luggage the definitive way to travel back in time.

Various sizes and styles starting at $260,

Steamline Luggage

For simpler times around town, traveling light but with Lizzy Bennet’s spirit at your side is the way to make your first impressions count! Everyone’s favorite literature finds themselves repurposed for jaunts to the store or to your next holiday party with these precious handmade treasures from Etsy store Bookarelli, each made in England!

Pride & Prejudice Crossbody Book Bag, $86

Available at Bookarelli


A Old Southern Scent and Beyond

The sweet surprises of this New Orleans perfumerie will lift your spirits with their rich array of scents synonymous with Southern hospitality. Glass vials of different sizes separately sold or together in seasonal gift sets, each luxurious line brings you back to the jazzy enchantments of the Big Easy through notes of Camellia, Honeysuckle, and Spanish Moss. Take home a piece of the heart of the French Quarter and shop Hove today!

Vials starting at $21

Hove Parfumeur


New Treasures like Heirlooms

A piece of the past presents itself in quite frankly, the perfect present. Precious keepsakes of Henri Bendel rings or handmade lace pendants by The Whirlwind let your recipient know that only the most beautiful and quality treasures are reserved for someone as lovely and sentimental as they are.

Henri Bendel Ring Set, $128

Henri Bendel

Handmade Lace Pendants, $36

Available at The Whirlwind

Kitchen Delights

Nothing brings the family together like goodies fresh from a cozy kitchen! Building onto the warmth and comfort of the spices and aromas that fill the air are the little accessories scattered throughout! A hot cup of tea from these classic ornate kettles or whipping up a few cookies in the floral frocks inspired by British blooms make for a merry memory whenever you find yourself in the kitchen, no matter what time of the year.

Mackenzie Childs Teapots, starting at $110-$140

Mackenzie Childs

Floral Print & Embroidered Aprons, starting at $32- $49

Cath Kidston

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 7.25.13 PM

Fabulous Frills

Bitter winter cannot stop our love for fitted silhouettes and lace even in the coldest temperatures! We’ve found that these selections from ChicWish blend wonderfully from day looks to nigh time festivities, and as you can see, everything is always better complete with a bow!

Cream Lace Twinset Dress, $65

Chic Wish

Wine Bowknot Satin Dress, $69

Chic Wish

AM Feels in a Bluetooth World

Speakers, let a lone wireless ones, are just dandy for the modern times we live in! But the popular boxy types can look pretty distracting against the beautiful arrangement of the home. These beauties that look straight out the 20th century blend seamlessly into your decor and can blast your tunes like no other beats or booms! And did we mention, wireless?

Wooden FM Radio & Bluetooth Speaker, $28

Wish App

Mini Assorted Colors Bluetooth Speakers, $15

Wish App

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