The Lovely Rose Apothecary: A Few Lessons on Glamorous Skincare

There truly is a wonderful gift that captures a sort of beauty that really is skin deep. In these cold times, your skin can take quite the beating against the dryness and chills that fall upon us like the snow. Luckily, any facial routine can rely on the wonders of creams and masks from The Lovely Rose Apothecary, rooted straight in the simpleness that is pure ingredients and wholesome old-fashioned charm.

Founder Ashley Black began the classic-inspired skincare line when there was only an abundance of insufficient creams and oils that did nothing to clear her acne-prone skin without drying it out. Thankfully, there were the gals of the Golden Age to help her out.

“I’ve always been drawn to the starlets of old Hollywood so I researched their skincare routines,” she tells us, “so I researched their skincare routines, found some recipes, headed into my kitchen and things went from there!”

Today, Ashley has perfected a variety of skin tonics, cold creams, and vanishing creams that form a simple but effective regimen. With original ingredients found throughout products in the 20’s and 30’s, ingredients like sweet almond oil, rose hipseed oil, beeswax and jojoba esters, Lovely Rose further enhance each with their own unique benefits to perfect your skin based on which conditions and healing properties apply.


With so much nodding to the practices of the past, the branding naturally followed suit in the form of delicate vials paired with labels that looked like they were ripped from the pages of an old Woolworth’s ad. And considering herself possessing an Old Soul, Ashley felt that branding her skincare line in such a way only made sense to highlight all the joys that the past– pin curls, rag time music, seamed stockings– in The Lovely Rose.

In the end, what matters most to those at The Lovely Rose are products that simply work, but make it known that their products are meant to be paraded, too. “Clients were tired of spending so much money on products that just don’t work,” Ashley explains. “They love The Lovely Rose because my products are simple to use, they make you feel glamorous while using them, they are luxurious to use, they look good on your vanity and best of all they work!”

Shoppers from the US and as far as France and the UAE to even New Zealand have found a miracle cure in the beautiful products that Lovely Rose provides. And the miracle is no secret if you only ask Ashley what it is that keeps them dedicated: moisture. As recommended by Ashley:

Cold Cream every evening before bed. “It’s a great makeup remover and cleanser. For many this will be enough moisture.”

Tissue Cream, based on a a recipe from 1901 and is a deep moisture mask and a treat for your skin. “Simply smooth it over your face and neck, leave on for 20 minutes or so then wipe off with a hot wash cloth. If your skin isn’t too dry you can use weekly. If your skin is very dry, like mine, use nightly!”

Overnight Cream, a very rich, moisturizing cream. “I use it every night after I wipe off my Tissue Cream.”

Lavender_CC_Gift_FotorEspecially in the cold winter, moisture overnight, letting your skin bask in the pure ingredients of each cream as you sleep, will help you start your day feeling absolutely refreshed and your best. And not to worry about breaking out– these products will not give you acne!

Shop The Lovely Rose today to find a lasting and timeless feeling of luxury yet proper care for your skin. Creams are sold individually in 4 oz amber glass bottles or jars and start at $18 and up. Can’t get enough? Go ahead and grab a full routine set at $25-$82, specializing in ingredients like rose or geranium.

Visit The Lovely Rose at

Holiday Exclusive!

Find The Lovely Rose featured in the Winter/Holiday editions of Bless Box subscription box. with their 2oz jars of Tissue Cream.

Also be on the lookout for exclusive gift sets of Ultimate Beauty Sets, along side limited edition gift sets of Lip Scrub and Lip Balm. Everything will feature The Lovely Rose’s exclusive Holiday packaging including new packaging for their Tissue Cream, Dead Sea Mud Masks, Luxurious Body Scrubs and Luxurious Body Scrubs Gift Sets. And yes! limited edition scent blends will be available for their Luxurious Body Scrubs throughout the holidays. Also, the debut of their Luxurious Bath Salts will be ready for shoppers to soak away aches and pains and relax after all those Holiday parties!

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Thank you to The Lovely Rose for sponsoring this article.


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