It’s a Jolly Old-Fashioned Holiday! Shop Marjorie Mercantile Items for 20% Off Now!

Joy to the vintage-loving world as we come upon the start to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! And with this wonderful time, there is no better start than some goodies from our own vintage store, Marjorie Mercantile, on sale now!

Through November 30th you can shop for our jewelry, accessories, and more for 20% off with code ‘merryvintage.’ Find unique pieces from Christmas past and new additions of something old yet oh so beautiful, be it gifts to yourself or your loved ones this season!

Some of our personal favorites to shop:

Vintage Silk Red Clutch

Vintage Blue Headscarf

Silver Teddy Ring

Vintage Pink Headscarf

Vintage Porcelain Ring Plate

Marjorie Photos

Vintage Photographs


Bring the bygone home this holiday season and shop Marjorie Mercantile today!

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