My Lookbook: Vintage Coat Edition

Originally Posted by Laura Jane Atelier

Hello lovelies, since it is now fall I wanted to share with you my vintage winter coat collection by creating a lookbook. I bought all of these coats last winter at a thrift shop for under $40 each. Every time I went to this thrift shop I kept finding these amazing winter coats. They all fit so well it was hard to resist. Besides, it is so fun coordinating my winter coats with all of my vintage dresses. Which one is your favourite?

– Laura



Dress, LulaRoe




Dress, Joanie Clothing




Dress, LulaRoe

Laura Jane Atelier is a vintage fashion and lifestyle blogger based out of Victoria, Canada. Laura started her blog in 2014 as a way to utilize her skills from fashion and art school. She wasn’t sure where her blog would lead her, but she is so happy that she stuck with it because it has changed every aspect of her life. A few years before she started her blog she went to a psychic and was informed that she would be doing a lot of photography in the future. At the time Laura thought this was crazy because she had no interest in taking photos. Fast forward into the future, and now Laura takes photos on a daily basis. Laura has been interested in vintage fashion and decor for as long as she remembers. She is always on the hunt for new vintage treasures that she can share with her readers.


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