With Painted Brick Studio, It Simply is the Gift of Home

Few things in life evoke a classic feeling of home like your very own. However home speaks to you– family portraits, curated collections of trinkets from global travels, or just a hot cup of chamomile by your fireside in the early evening– encasing yourself in the comforts of familiar, calming aspects of a life well lived and loved are what we only can dream of whenever the the long days at the office or travel are done. Stepping through the door to your personal paradise is just magic in itself, simply a timeless feeling. But sometimes, turning any house into a home can be a challenge. Luckily, decorating with Painted Brick Studio is a step in the right direction when it comes to giving your home  or a dear friend’s the perfect love and care.

The ideal package from a Painted Brick Studio curation is meant to pick up on pieces of you when it comes to representing the home you envision. Each box is perfect for those looking for a fresh start, from a new home office or a whimsical nursery, even a vacation getaway. When founder and designer Hilary Whitlock began Painted Brick, she found a way of personalization that spoke to clients without the fuss of running around with a clutter of ideas in your head when perusing through Home Goods or Williams Sonoma. Instead, Painted Brick utilizes the genius of the digital age to her advantage as she connects with clients through their personalities and style, and simplifying the transformation of house to home by sending out her prized picks for your own place based on your feedback. In the case of most clients, Hilary can attest to the universal roadblock that isn’t lack of inspiration, but too much of it.

“It takes, time, resources and a certain eye to make it work and we do it affordably,” She tells us. “Everything in our collections are curated and personalized. A designer without the face time or hassle!”

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.12.54 PM
A few favorites from Marjorie’s exclusive package includes touches of East Coast practical with rustic vintage accents

You won’t find anything too heavy in your package, either. It’s all about the little things with Painted Brick, providing pristine accents and fillers that bring a space together for a greater impact, without a complete overhaul.

Your journey to refreshing your space begins with two main components on Painted Brick Studio’s website: price and style. With 4 different aesthetics to choose from at 3 different price points to fit their budget (starting at $400), Hilary gets to work putting together a collection of accessories and decor that captures or further accentuates the look that the homeowner would like to achieve, basing her finds off the questionnaires she has them fill out right before purchase.

For reference, you find:

The Modern Farmhouse


The Modern Traditional


The Boho Chic


And The Coastal Retreat


Any distinct items that you will or won’t find among the collection are ones that clients specifically mention in the “Must-Have” or “Deal-Breaker” slots, further adhering to the transparency as promised by Hilary when she began Painted Brick. Within a week, your collection has arrived and your house ultimately tailored into the home you’ve always wanted.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 11.45.58 AM
Another curated collection by Hilary drips decadently in gold.

With every box, recipients can expect special goodies from various unique artists and brands that they’ll genuinely love. With pieces wrapped in paper by Nantucket-based artist Sara Fitz, a touch of wholesome New England follows you into the house for a with lovely watercolored illustrations that can easily charm your walls when framed. For hometown pride, embroidered pillows by catstudio designs perfectly capture the stunning little things about every city or country they stitch, with rich maps that make you smile, whether you’ve been to these places or have yet to go!

One of the more fascinating and feel-good features of the bunch is the personalized tote bag from The Shop Forward. Since 2014, this enthusiastic shop of printmakers has raised over $2 million in donations to various charitable causes through their products. In the case of their sturdy totes, every bag supports causes to help lift communities in Haiti through their Espwa program— “espwa” meaning “hope” in Haitian Creole.

While the pieces of your Painted Brick Studio package may be small, each is certainly meaningful and magical towards giving your space the life it needs. No better storyteller could make a place feel entirely your own like Hilary and her unique little firm that really sets out to find the right finishing touches. Painted Brick isn’t just any design brand, it’s just the right friend you’ll need alongside you in the journey that is simply put, coming home.

Start bringing home into your house with Painted Brick Studio below:


And follow them for inspiration on Instagram @paintedbrickstudio

And just in time for the holiday season, we’re excited to announce an incredible 15% off for shoppers looking to give Painted Brick as the perfect gift! Use MERRY15 for your next order!


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