The Ship of Dreams Awakens Again as Titanic II set to Sail in 2022

Star-crossed lovers aside, we couldn’t be excited for this sentimental announcement that has us sentimental for the 90’s in a different way. For those who actually loved the tragic history behind the RMS Titanic which sank in 1912, you’ll be given a surreal opportunity to see the ship take the seas again in as early as 2022.

Titanic II is a complete replica of the original, which struck an iceberg off the waters of Newfoundland in the early hours of April 15, 1912 and killed as many as 1,500 passengers and crew, being funded by Australian businessman Clive Palmer and being built currently in China. It will be 110 years after the fateful voyage of its predecessor (more like ancestor) that will uphold a full and authentic travel experience aboard. Not only will its interiors match as closely as possible to original rooms on the ship such as the ethereal grand staircase and first class suites, but passengers will also be able to purchase tickets and reserve rooms based on first, second, and third class. Whether or not restrictions within these classes however are to be upheld remains to be seen.

The one difference between now and then, fortunately, is the technology. First and foremost, twice the amount of lifeboats will be secured to the ship, it will be welded, not riveted, in its construction, and the new Titanic will be well equipped with modern navigation and radar.

At $145 million, the world might see Titanic stage the open waters again over a century later, with the rest of the world at her feet, with the first journey projected to begin in Dubai and end in New York, sailing along the original route that proved a nightmare for those who traveled aboard the ship of dreams.

Sources: CNN and The Daily Express

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