WineSociety’s Perfectly Practical Update to Our Favorite Drink

Photos by Lucid Linds Product & Lifestyle Photography

One of the world’s oldest concoctions is coming to a doorstep near you, aged– and canned– to perfection.

Since discovering bottles in the Middle-East dating to as old as 6000 BC, it’s safe to proclaim wine as a timeless drink loved by many around the world. You can find exquisite bottles from the French Loire Valley or down under from southern Australia along the coast. But here at home in California, these traditions, in the beat of today’s disruptive and innovative culture driven by the tech boom of the state, are becoming disrupted too– with the emergence of WineSociety canned wines.

When founder and designer Angela Allison traveled with her husband out from the Midwest to the Napa Valley, they were both instantly entranced. “We realized that most people (including us at the time) viewed wine as intimidating, complex and expensive,” she explains. “After experiencing Napa Valley, we realized that wine didn’t have to be. We saw that as an opportunity to start WineSociety where we bring great wine, in simple familiar packaging (cans) without all the complexity and at an approachable price.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 12.05.37 PM

From there, the beautiful yet brilliant designs of Wine Society’s premier cans have emerged onto the scene when exquisite is for everyone– attainable and inclusive, each wine and their following names– TEMPT, FATE, and CHANCE– relatable and a call to action in enjoying the Central and Northern California-sourced grapes. “It is so easy to insert these names into everyday life to create a fun and memorable experience!” Angela exclaims. “WineSociety is simplicity at the core.”

To heighten the experience and play down the pomp of previous wine indulgences, Allison has also erased any trace of the old, obvious in the canning concept but with the omission of the vintage date or varietal. Clean, modern, and simple awaits us with only the color of the cans to indicate the wine type, placing more emphasis on the enjoyment and in the moment, making the brand all the more “Instagram worthy.”


The best part about canned wine? It makes complete sense. Not unlike the craft beer industry, cans make wine more practical for the lifestyle of the next generation of wine consumers that Allison summarizes as “on the go.” Canned wine is just as efficient in the preservation of the wine too, letting in zero light and oxygen. Except with cans, there’s no need to be that weirdo who totes around a corkscrew.


The simplistic beauty and convenient design of WineSociety guarantee its budding business– with the cans exclusively available online on a subscription-basis and soon available to be shipped across 44 states– and strike up an enchanting appeal to the main consumer of Allison’s vision for her wines: the female millennial. When it comes to them, she notes that they are unique consumers in that  they “value convenience, connection, and the environment,” alongside a good glass of wine.

Classic? Convenient? Absolutely to both. WineSociety is ready to satisfy the taste of a new generation of wine lovers who along with the wine itself, can love its price and packing, too!

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 5.03.32 PM

Find your next glass coming from a can of WineSociety, online at and in three different blends of Tempt red, Fate White, and Chance Rose!


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