Sign of the Timeless in the High-Waisted Swimsuit

Images & Reviews via Amazon

Recently hitting the news is something that’s always been on the minds of our readers: the perfect swimsuit, and one that is in fact, a timeless staple in each Marjorie Gal’s wardrobe.

High waisted bikinis are an easy fix to any reservations we might have about our appearance. Accentuating our curves into a uniformed hourglass shape, it’s no wonder that nearly 40,000 people bought this bikini from Amazon seller COCOSHIP, and the looks are very revealing to how wonderful you’d feel wearing it, too:



For only $24, shoppers are blissfully living their best sunny life on the shores this summer, splashing about carelessly among the waves as confidence radiates through and through. For one shopper, Tayler, the suit is hailed as a way to get a “shoutout to the thick ladies with cellulite. We still look good.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.02.08 PM.png

The swimsuit was just the right look for Amy B’s for her five-foot-seven frame, exclaiming that the piece was perfect for being  ” sexy yet classy at the same time!”

Erica Serrano only echoed this sentiment: “So many compliments on this! I LOVE it.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.15.07 PM.png

From shopper Stephanie’s recommendation, it was clear that her love for the suit was all about reflecting self love and great style, a great cut that for any wearer would hide insecurities about their waists while “still being super cute.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.18.06 PM.png

The quality itself does not disappoint. “The material is great, the bottoms are Perfect!” says another buyer, Devin. “I felt great in this suit! I’m 5’8 150 lbs and the waist hit me exactly where I wanted it to.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.21.23 PM.png

For Charlie Hilen, there’s no second thoughts to any hesitant buyers. “Just buy the suit,” she simply advises in her review. “I was nervous when the reviews made it seem like the Sisterhood of the traveling pants, but this suit really does seem to flatter every body type.”

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.25.53 PM.png

With so many testimonials regarding its flattering fit and endless options of designs and colors, we can only guess that the suit of our dreams is no longer something of the past. It’s waiting for you online at Amazon, with only so many hazy days of summer left to live out fully in confidence and in the water!

Get a set for yourself here!



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