A Classic, Modest Upgrade for a 1926 Studio

Thinking of spring and summer, amidst the blooms of magnolias and crepe myrtle and peonies, many are literally swept in the excitement of cleansing their homes and lives with a sense of renewed beginnings, a fresh start going into the longer, sunnier days of the year. We think back to spring, and with the spring cleaning that follows, we think of the best yet to come.

The best, for our founder and Editor in Chief, Paris Kim, was decidedly meant to happen this year with the refurbishing of her studio in San Francisco, California. Situated on the first level of a an apartment complex in the Lower Pacific Heights, Paris moved in 3 years ago for the convenience of a place to shack up with a new job on the horizon in San Francisco. Now, she’s feeling the longing for change, a renewal of her sense of self as she’s grown within the city and found that what really stood out to her in such a complex and fast-changing metropolis– was the allure of its classic beauty in unchanged monuments.Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 1.35.10 PMIn keeping the aesthetics clean and simple, the 500 Sq. ft. apartment feels spacious, and timeless. A lot of Southern charm and her love for white flowers keep the apartment an easy palette to digest for anyone in need of a welcoming and well groomed feel.

Further accentuating the openness of the home is scattered blond wood furniture neatly blending into the colors of the room’s light buttery walls, and blue accents speckled about in the main room’s rug (an heirloom from her parents), blue china, and classic gingham throw pillows.


With limited space, Paris did away with any bed. A convertible sofa becomes a cozy full size bed in the evenings. The kitchen and dining room are intentionally bare as these parts of the room are significantly small, placing the centerpiece on the rustic dining table alone.37550503_10156504910138050_7793981726467817472_n

A defunct radiator that couldn’t be moved gave way to another convenient centerpiece that gives this corner of the living room life, brimming with collected postcards and greeting cards surrounding a flower arrangement paired perfectly with books from Paris’ personal collection.


Shop these essentials for a fresh-faced splendor in your own place this summer, from the pillows to teacups and furniture– all little things that greatly make up to Paris that perfect feeling of a classic, yet cozy, home.

Clean Classics

Blue Gingham Pillows, $11 on the Wish app

Rustic Wooden Frames, $9 on the Wish app

Artificial White Rose, $1.99 at Ikea

Blue and White China, $99 at Williams Sonoma

Koppang Dresser, $99 at Ikea

Black and White Replica Teacup and Saucer, $14.95 at The Marble Faun

Magnolia Book Page Print, $8.99 at Prints With Style

White Beaded Lampshade, $14.90 at 1-800-Lighting

Savannah Candle, $24 at The Paris Market

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