Americana Anthem: What We Spy for July Starters

In the spirit of America lies a deep-seeded sense of pride and pursuit of opportunity for all as seen by accomplishments of our forefathers and mothers. We celebrate the rich history that this young nation has contributed to the world in the name of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and while she’s not perfect, she sure is passionate and determined to try for those who call her home. We’ve selected just a few starters for July to fully embrace the beauty of old fashioned Americana.

July Marjorie Monthly Starters (1)

Sing Us The National Anthem

By the Anthem we really meant Lana Del Rey’s sultry and nostalgic tune reflecting a world where she’s Jackie Kennedy and A$AP Rocky is the suave President of the United States to look up to. Summer’s in the air and baby Heaven’s in your eyes is the way we want this month to feel, starting with this tune we’ll be blasting on repeat in our summer playlist.

“National Anthem,” by Lana Del Rey, 2012


Firework Fashion,

Classic pearls elaborate the unique burst at the center of this pendant from Kelley Hollis Jewelry, reminiscent of a mesmerizing firework just exploding at the height of the night’s show!

Pearl Starburst Necklace, $115 by Kelley Hollis


Golly Gingham!

A lightweight and favorite fabric by all who embrace conventional chic. Not too frilly nor too plain, gingham is a classic case of wardrobe staples for any all-American!

1950s Blue & White Alexis Swing Dress, $98 at Unique Vintage


Doggone Cute

Fast food flourishes in America, and two of our favorite things– hot dogs AND cute dogs– are adorably captured in this one-of-a-kind enamel pin to truly rock this month!

Hot Diggity Dog Pin, $7.63 from Howdily Doodley


Hat’s Off To The Summertime

A wide-brimmed beauty inspired by the little island of Nantucket, a stroll underneath the sun from Cape Cod to the streets of Manhattan isn’t complete without this elegant yet so functional shape. Not to mention, the oversized bow exudes the fanciful notion that everything bigger in America is better.

Cream Packable Wide Bow Sunhat, $60 at Tuckernuck

Via Tuckernuck Clothing

Leave a Classic Taste in Your Mouth

Nothing beats an ice cold bottle of America’s most cherished drink enjoyed all over the world. The vanilla raisin-like flavor is a contrast to the subtle citrus burst you’d get from Pepsi, if you weren’t entirely sure of their difference! Sip on that fun little fact.

Available in Stores

Via Unsplash.

Boxwood on Blast for a Distinguished Picked-Fenced Home

A way to really feel that rustic refinery of the heartland, a pair of potted boxwood instantly sets the stage for the American dream that lies beyond the white picked fence.

Get ideas for shaping your front entrance from Becki Owens

Photo Credit: Becki Owens


Let Your Creativity Sail Wild

The rocky shores of the Northeast Coast have captured the imaginations of generations. Exert a sense of adventure and valor by keeping at home a piece of sea to shining sea, by your own creative hand! Paint Nite classes are nationwide and range from public events to private parties, the latter more intimate and fun with your friends and family as you learn alongside each other how to create a beautiful painting for keeps. Be sure to find the right inspiration for you, and for this month bright on the horizon, we suggest a pristine and romantic scene among the white sails that charter the shores of the New World.

Paint Nite Classes from $30 per seat, see what’s local at

Via Unsplash.

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