Gal Meets Glam Collection: A Vintage Woman of the Modern World Just Released Our Dream Line of Dresses

Summer is just around the corner while we’re barely soaking up the joys of this spring– namely–the new collection unveiled by Julia Engel of blogging sensation Gal Meets Glam.

The Gal Meets Glam Collection is the Charleston-based California blogger’s exclusive new venture for her internationally adored brand born from the perfect Cinderella blogging story. Since 2011 Julia has made her life a feast for the romantic eyes to her 1.2 million Instagram followers as she travels the world in exquisite charm and utterly classic feminine looks. It is no wonder that a professed dress lover, she took her dreams further in creating her first line of dresses for April, only the first in a series of collections to be released with each coming month. Originally working in marketing in San Francisco while continuing her college blog on the side, she and her husband, Thomas Berolzheimer, decided to pursue making GMG more than just a style blog. It is a life of pink-hued magnolias and bike rides to the sea, strolls around Charleston’s grand homes or even just capturing still life of the simplest and most beautiful picnics so effortlessly but beautifully arranged by Julia and team. If living a vintage life in today’s world could be captured in timeless photos, it would be that of the GMG lifestyle.


We can now inch closer into the beauty of Julia’s mind and vision with the release of her April collection. Closely inspired from real patterns bought by Julia herself and a lifetime spent binging classics like Sabrina or All About Eve, these dresses most definitely stand the test of time. Gingham to eyelet and flowy chiffon, the textures alone are classic and each style is paired with the name of each inspiring woman in Julia Engel’s life– namely the elegant Marilyn, named after her own grandmother, and Carly, of her fellow blogger bestie Carly Heitlinger fame, turning classic blue gingham into a slimming silhouette that teeters between preppy and playful.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.41.12 PM.png

Find a dress that best suits your style and character, and be excited to know that there is more yet to come from the exciting blogger who best captures the spirit of giving this modern life a uniquely vintage flair with fashion! See the full collection over at, with dresses at $200 and under. Even better, the line can now be found at Nordstom online and in stores. What glamorous dress meets your eye?


Our Picks

GMG Dresses.png

The floral print alone has us swooning. But we’ll take the matching button-down ease of this lovely midi!

Lauren, $178


GMG Dresses (1).png

Blue and white is the perfect summer go-to, especially in gingham! Have you ever seen such a beautiful gingham look this sophisticated?

Carly, $128


GMG Dresses (2).png

Flowing, textured white is pure romantic for the modern world. A great day dress that you can easily slip on for more formal events or when unforgettable memories are to be made.

Susie, $178


GMG Dresses (9).png

Whether you pick the Samantha in blue or pink, summer breezes feel finer strolling about town in this understated but daring dress.

Samantha, $158


GMG Dresses (3).png

Polka dots and moonbeams, what a dress! Everything about the Colleen dress is perfection and springtime, tied off well with those delicate little straps!

Colleen, $168

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.35.59 PM

GMG Dresses (4).png

Think pink on your next night out! A modern mermaid look that has us looking around the corner for any soiree to wear this dress to!

Tyler, $168

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 9.58.59 PM

GMG Dresses (5).png

Chiffon to stave off the heat of spring and summer, paired wonderfully in this flowing dream that cements any gal’s love for lavender hues.

Hillary, $168


GMG Dresses (6).png

More playful, less prim! Marilyn is timeless and trendy in one, making any who wear it fearless and feeling their best in every step and swish of this mini!

Marilyn, $178

_103020826GMG Dresses (8).png

Lastly, the Anne takes us back to true fun and femininity of yesteryear! The floral pop on this wrap shirtdress simply alone is stunning, but with the vision of Julia Engel, it’s taken to new gorgeous heights.

Anne, $148


See the rest of Julia Engel’s dresses at Gal Meets Glam!

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