Introducing Summer Memories: Our Exclusive Memo Books for Capturing Your Adventures in Ink!

Spring and Summer are the best times for living your best life, and just as quickly as it comes, these moments leave us, and not without lasting sweet impressions. So just as the days get longer and the warm air entices us to stay out for mischief among the town, it’s important that these moments are forever preserved in precious journals we’re excited to unveil to our readers. Summer Memories Memo Books are the answer to an endless summer, one to retrace and reread to remember that the best is always yet to come, as evidenced by what’s already came.

Summer Memories Memo Books (7)

Inspired by the dreamy summer destinations of the 1920’s, our three softcover books are 100 lined pages for your journaling pleasure, to tell the story of the Marjorie Gal who lives a grand and timeless life wherever she goes. Featuring gloss covers and printed by our publisher Blurb, their lasting quality is ready to go to the lengths wherever your adventures take you!

The Santa Barbara

Summer Memories Memo Books (4)

Balmy afternoons before a sunset that takes its time like a lullaby. Golden hills rolling out into the palms that sway by the Pacific. A red Roadster pulling to the curb on State Street just in time for the 6 o’clock supper. Life out West can only be believed when it’s been written down in our peachy perfect book!

Memo Book Mood Boards (2).png

The Charleston

Summer Memories Memo Books (5)

Cool seersucker fends off the heat of humid Southern summers, complete with the grace and charm of true classic hospitality. A great companion to sit on a porch and sip sweet tea with, jotting down your thoughts in the Charleston memo book is a delightful pastime of any Southern Belle.

Memo Book Mood Boards (3).png

The Long Island

Summer Memories Memo Books (6)

Well if it isn’t the cat’s meow to head out to the West Egg for a night at Gatsby’s– or rather, a daytime jaunt about town in his yellow Rolls Royce. Your picnic in the long grasses of the seaside isn’t complete without this fresh-faced journal to take notes for a magical afternoon on the Atlantic.

Memo Book Mood Boards

Each book is only $10 and ready to come along for the adventure. Get yours at a wonderful steal at on April 23rd!


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