At the Heart and Soul of Rosery Apparel’s Sustainable Beauties

Photos: @roseryapparel

Avoiding florals for spring, simply put, just feels wrong. The only dilemma that should arise from picking the perfect dress for the season is that you’ve found the right kind of floral for you. With Rosery Apparel, their array of prints and fine colors for their carefully crafted dresses only add to the joys of choosing the right one for you. Based out of Tasmania, Australia, the blooming brand has perfected their silhouettes and unique takes on every girl’s wardrobe staple with the help of unsuspecting items of the past– vintage bedsheets, curtains, and tablecloths. Look no further than the next room of your own home to find such inspiration for your next #ootd, just as founder, and dressmaker Janelle Duff, has.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 7.01.19 PM
Sample fabrics from Janelle Duff’s previous masterpieces.

Since sewing at 16 years old, Duff hasn’t stopped, only striving with each new collection she designs to provide her clientele with a genuinely unique dress tied to the past with her vision of sustainability. “I feel really strongly about upcycling where possible,” she explains, “I’m giving the fabric a second life to be enjoyed for many years to come. I go looking for new vintage fabrics at second-hand shops about once a week and am always drawn to the floral prints but have also started finding some nice pastel plain bedsheets that are making lovely dresses too!” Featured in magazines and websites across Australia, everything with Duff is undoubtedly coming up roses for Rosery. The women who don her creations with pride are catching on to the idea of slow fashion in this simple act of support. Not to mention, their designs almost always include pockets.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 7.01.49 PM

For her most recent collection, you’ll find Janelle Duff’s eye turn from the 50’s towards the 70’s in lovely patterns and simple shapes that take on bell-sleeves mixed with fitted waists. “I just can’t pick one [era],” she confesses. But that’s not that she’s achieving this year with Rosery. As the brand grows with each new design and collections, Duff is also finding new ways to execute her creative spirit, dabbing into sustainability tips and more DIY projects to better inspire her shoppers beyond her dresses, in which to fully encapsulate their beauty through, according to her, a more sustainable and handmade life.

Shop Duff’s complete collection now at!

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