February Starters for a Romantic Month

We’re kicking off February with our fresh-choice picks of inspiration, indulgence, and overall feelings of romance and pure joys of the past.

This month, florals and highly-feminine picks define the month of a young woman in love. The blues of January are swept away when you’re feeling happy and hopeful, indulging in the daydreams of where you and your sweetheart might find yourselves on Valentine’s or the enhanced beauty of the world around you as if spring has arrived early. A Saturday night is spent immersed in your favorite Jane Austen story or on the town waiting in line at the theater where An Affair to Remember is playing. A kiss is just a kiss, and blue velvet remains bluer than the night– these are how we are reminded to step back and live– and love– in the fleeting moment of youth.

For a fanciful month of much needed sentimental whimsy, we insist you give in to these little pleasures of February:

February Marjorie Monthly Starters (1)

The Shirelles,

and most importantly their classic hit “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”. The sounds of Motown have us swimming in the emotions of young love and uncertainty, one that has us weak in the knees and singing and twisting the night away with our favorite girl groups of this fun and restless decade.

Listen Here


Farmgirl Flowers

Say it with flowers may be the prettiest cliche of February that never disappoints. Farmgirl Flowers are full with rich pinks and reds and assorted greens that give off a just-picked-from-the-field charm. Go ahead, and treat yourself to a stunning arrangement to brighten your mood and home!

Burlap Wrap sizes starting from $48, at farmgirlflowers.com

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.28.56 AM

Pearl and Rose-Ribbon, please!

One of our favorite All-American brands couldn’t disappoint with classic pieces this Valentine’s Day. Kiel James Patrick’s Roses & Pearls necklace is a work of understatement yet allure, a unique design that reworks the classic mix of pearls and pretty bows for a pop of perfection for your month of ultra-feminine looks.

Roses & Pearls necklace, $48 at kjp.com



Marie Antoinette

Now streaming on Netflix, waltz around in the stunning world of Sofia Coppola’s Baroque France among the Versailles elite who know nothing of the nation’s sorrows beyond their glittering gates and Laduree pastries. The modern music and bold costume liberties set this period drama from the rest, perfectly humanizing the doomed queen with the essence of pure innocence, while feeding into your own daydreams of a glamorous life in the past.

Marie Antoinette (2006), now on netflix.com


Checker Up, Buttercup!

Going back to classic basics like gingham cement each and every look of the day for assured structure and elegance. It’s a nice clash with the lighter hues, a bold statement to offset the delicacy all around.

Vintage Style Black & White Gingham Fold Over Clutch, $38 at uniquevintage.com


Dusty Shades

The afternoon glow only lifts your spirits in the midst of winter, so soak up the sun with this neutral pair from the collection of Unique Vintage. It’s more refined than heart-shaped glasses that you can don long after the 14th is over, and versatile for any months, especially with the coming spring!

Mocha Brown Cannon Cat Eye Sunglasses, $24 at uniquevintage.com

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.30.36 AM

Rose-Scented Glasses

It would feel wrong to think of any other scent for February, but a rose by any other month would feel out of place. If love is in the air, it can best be enhanced by the fresh velvety sweetness of the classic flower for all things romance.

Limited Edition Rose Delight Candle, $68 at diptyque.com


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