That Feeling of Giving Vintage this Holiday

What is old can be loved again. Something old becomes something beloved.

While it’s always exciting to await presents under the tree, neatly wrapped until torn through to reveal new and shiny baubles and trinkets true to our Christmas lists (no matter how old), there’s nothing more beautiful than something straight from the past to make the most memorable gift. With each reveal you find yourself thrust into another world; a mystery that might remain so as to who once owned your new treasure, what delicate or fierce muse that inspired the beauty of your possessions. The past is remarkable in that it not only preserves wonderful true stories of those before us, but it lingers and influences the future ahead, forever capturing the imaginations of young women feeling lost in the modern world. And in these gifts, that’s where you’ll find the magic of memory, classic beauty, true genuine pieces that capture the love and care of another era.

Delight someone you know this year with a touch of golden days long behind us but not gone. We give to you our favorite finds for the everyday Marjorie Gal whose unique life and tastes can only be met with extraordinary gifts like these.

Giving Vintage (3)

The Lovely Rose Apothecary

Fresh-faced beauty is all your silent star muses come to life in your own complexion with The Lovely Rose Apothecary. The luxury vintage-inspired line of skincare sticks to the simple cares of a wholesome, old-fashioned beauty routine from cold cream to and skin tonics created from all natural ingredients. Even after your creams are long gone, their stunning cases remain one more beautiful addition to your vanity.

Rose Cold Cream, $25

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.54.25 PM
Via Instagram

Gone with the Gin: Cocktails with a Hollywood Twist

Frankly my dear, you ought to give a damn about the cocktail book you’ll need to host a soiree as lively as Sam’s American Bistro. Punny-named cocktails are going to truly create a star-studded evening to remember!

Gone with the Gin, $13.12


Besame Cosmetics & Disney: Snow White Collection

The most exciting collaboration of 2017 came in November when vintage beauty sensation Besame Cosmetics teamed with Disney for this truly remarkable Snow White makeup collection. In celebration of the 1937 release of Disney’s first princess, each lipstick and detailing on the packaging is a magical experience alone, especially with the attentive care and research into creating the collection, starting with the eyeshadow colors that were taken directly from the original color palettes of the drawing room!

Besame Classic Lip Color in Snow White Red, $24, see more at


Red Bird: a Vintage Subscription Box

In this day and age, Red Bird figured out how to cater the allure of surprise subscription boxes towards vintage enthusiasts. Founders and sisters Sarah and Karen created the service to deliver unique treasures to deserving admirers of the past who might not be near the closest thrift store. Different prices vary as to what your box will behold, from simple 2-item accessories to extended varieties of clothing at up to $100/month. What will you find in your mail today besides a letter or two? With Red Bird, a sweet surprise from the past will surely go a long way!

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.02.24 PM
Via Instagram

Subscribe at

Southern Elegance Candles

Talk about the scent of southern hospitality! Our heart holds a special place for the South where heirlooms and legacies remain the foundation of the faces who call it home. Handmade in Raeford, North Carolina, Southern Elegance Candles’ labors of true love are meant to evoke simpler memories of family, the lush countryside, and everlasting elegance.

New Orleans: Magnolia Blossom Candle, $26


Atlantic Pearls from Kiel James Patrick

This all-American brand for the new generation of prep brings a youthful take to the accessory must-have of classic Americana. Glass pearls from Kiel James Patrick are handmade in the USA and show off these jewels of the sea in stunning designs, embellished with anchors and bows to perfectly encapsulate a part of Jackie O’s spirit.

See the designs at

1926 NYC by John Fondrisi

We first stumbled upon John Fondrisi’s artwork and clothing when last in Manhattan of December 2016, unknowingly discovering not just an incredible artist and brand, but a wildly inspiring piece of New York history. Inspired by the direct dress sketches of his grandfather who studied fashion and was a tailor in the times of the Great Depression, 1926 NYC continues capturing this colorful part of its founder’s past in glamorous deco designs and leading ladies who feature on his work from socks to stationery, and these patches!

Betty and Roxy Patches, $12 each at

Birdies Slippers

We invite our readers to slip their feet into a pair of slippers that feel like anything but! Birdies brings elegance and style to an everyday necessity of the opulence of being comfortable at home, featured in a unique line of styles and colors. Bonus: thanks to the rubber soles, you can strut your pair out like a new pair of flats!

The Lark Slippers, $140, see more designs at birdiesslippers.comScreen Shot 2017-11-30 at 9.57.23 PM

Via Instagram

Vintage Porcelain Ring Plate from Marjorie Mercantile

With the publication of Marjorie, we strive to give our readers more than just a magazine, but to add to their tastebuds in the form of our vintage store featuring typewritten poetry, jewelry, and clothing. New to Marjorie Mercantile, this delicate tray from the 1970s is small enough to keep room on your table for your perfume or books, as well as be the prettiest place to set your baubles upon.

Vintage Porcelain Ring Plate, $8 at




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