Our Holly, Jolly Holiday Playlist!

There is no quicker way to get your heart into the holiday spirit than the music! But sometimes when you’re not digging the new hits from today’s artists covering classics of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, there’s just that, the classic singers and jingles to fall back on. If you’re looking for that same old warm feeling of cheer with the excitement of discovering a new artist, we suggest these merry oldies but new goodies that you may/may not have been singing already!

“Santa Claus Got Stuck in my Chimney”- Ella Fitzgerald


Recorded in 1950, hear the First Lady of Song croon this silly and sweet song of one of Santa’s less familiar mishaps on Christmas Eve.

“The Man with the Bag” – Kay Starr

“December” – Kay Starr


An exciting tune is “The Man with the Bag” to get you into the caroling step or keep you awake on the night before Christmas. Santa’s coming, and there’s no better song to anticipate his arrival!

With “December,” Kay Starr’s sultry voice saddens but sings so nicely that feeling of true magic only to be found uniquely during these cold months. It’s soft, slow, and reminds us to embrace this season before it passes by in all the joy and cheer that moves so quickly when lost in the moment.

“Winter Weather” – Benny Goodman & Peggy Lee


Picture yourself on a brisk walk around the block or headed downtown with your sweetheart, close together skipping through the snow! Leave it to Benny Goodman to turn the dark days of winter around for a more lively affair.

“I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” – Billie Holiday


The Lady’s rendition with the muffled melody of this sentimental Christmas tune just stands alone in pure happiness and fond memories of the winter months with loved ones.

“Little Jack Frost Get Lost” – Frankie Carle & Marjorie Hughes


Father and daughter present to us a playful song lamenting the havoc of Jack Frost. Telling the cold to beat it never sounded more delightful!

“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” – The Orioles


The simplified yet beautiful hums of these Doo-Wop gentleman really get us hoping that all their listeners will enjoy memorable plans for their own New Year’s Eve.

“Marshmallow Winter” – Darlene Love


It doesn’t get any more saccharine than this for Christmas! Waking up to snow– and this number– on a wintry 60’s day just makes the moment, don’t you think? Not to mention, the idea of winter as a marshmallow world would be pretty sweet (no pun intended).

“The Christmas Waltz” – She and Him


The most modern selection of our little playlist, our favorite modern muse Zooey Deschanel and her She & Him partner M. Ward downplay this waltz tune for a more intimate, after the hustle-and-bustle feel of the holiday season. This is the tune we want to end our night with, and perhaps beneath a blanket with spiced cider or cocoa in our hands.

What else should we listen to this season? Tell us about your favorite holiday hits below!

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One thought on “Our Holly, Jolly Holiday Playlist!

  1. Such a great list, full of classics for not only Christmas but all winter! My favorites are anything from the Glen Miller “In The Christmas Mood” album! Will be using some of these for a holiday party with my family in California!


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